Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cupcake rainy Day

Good morning bloggers! I've been so busy & didn't have time to update my blog but Ok I'm back haha 
I had so much fun on our cupcake day with Abby. It was fun! So, I bought this whole box of cupcakes at exchange place. Au bon pain has amazing stuff! it's really tasty! When I was grabbing these cupcakes, there was 2 guys behind me asking, "are you having a party?" I told them No, these cupcakes are just mine! & we had a laughing moment lol it was hilarious!

This is one of my Fave picture that day. I was testing my cam'ra's self-timer & I thought I should sneak & shoot this moment. Abby looks really pretty! By the way, She is my boyfriend's sister.

So here's the story begins.

So the self-timer cooperate really well but look at the picture on the top.. There's a bottle of water right? So, I told her I wanna take a pic of us. We got 10sec before "cheese time" So I clicked the cam'ra & ran to get to my chair & abby grabbed that bottle of water cuz she doesn't want it in the picture. She accidentally dropped the bottle & the cap was loose so the water spilled & it was 8 sec, BOOM! my badboy captured the moment.

ha shanda! on this shot, whewsh! we got that right.

Another story:

Abby bought 2 umbrellas that day in washington hoboken. We got no choice, it was raining real hard! We saw a small random store & umbrellas are $3 each. Oh she broke hers & throw it away hahaha

Lesson that day:
Never buy a cheap umbrella. Oh this one she bought for me is still alive!

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