Oh hello there! Ahh what a fun day i had with these awesome lovers! My session today with Evita and Sanny was a lot of fun and a lot of laughing! I couldn't sleep the other night because of so much excitements! And I cannot wait to photograph their wedding as well. These two are great friends of mine and they're cool cops in jersey city! I asked them them 4 hours before their wedding to wear their uniform just to create a story....CONTINUE...



My busyness kept me from posting these awesome images I did last week! This is my very first proposal and engagement photo shoot at the city! Tyler hired me to spy on them hahaha Not really. I was just told to pretend that I don't know him and take pictures once he started proposing. But wheewsh! It wasn't easy! I was nervous! But I actually awarded myself for acting very well. But let me tell you to how I recognized Tyler. YES HE WAS SOMEONE THAT I'VE MET....CONTINUE...



It's been 3 years since these photographs I took and I can't believe I locked it up for so long. I know I've posted these images on my Facebook and I can't remember if i posted it here on my blog. (shame on me) But when I was continuing organizing my old external hard drive, I found them good pictures! I miss my nikon. Yea there's some floss the focusing and angles here and there but that's how i learned. But I am not writing a blog to critic my work. I was actually blown away and app....CONTINUE

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