Monday, April 29, 2013


Our sweetest day! Rainy but blessed day. I'm so thankful I get to celebrate my sister's birthday today and even though i was too tired, spending time with these two was worth it. April 30 is my sister's birthday but we celebrated early because my tuesday will be very occupied with many jobs I have to finish. What can I say.. I am truly blessed to have a sister and a nephew! 

My dearest Lhevronn isn't hard to please when it comes to taking photos. It's easy to make him smile and laugh! My tiredness went away. The awesome part was, he's been talking a lot! Yes! We had an awesome conversation! His words: "Da da da da da Da da" All day long! aaah! 

We started our day with full of sweetness!

The only thing I'm not really happy about is my nephews stroller as you can see, bevs has to cover him with lots of blankies. It's really not comfortable for him but I thought about me & bevs when we were so little. We didn't have one except the filipino cribs. But we're still thankful for everything. When my nephew gets big, he will learn to appreciate things because we will teach him how to be contented. Oh how I love my nephew.

So to end this blog, here's this deliciousness strawberry banana kebab. SO GOOD! We shared because it's too pricey haha I wish I can give her more! Anyway, i hope you enjoy our little story! Blog with you again later! 


  1. strawberry with chocolate... yummmmmmy!

  2. Hey Joy ! Love your blog is also talking alot and he says the same da da da da da

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  3. Happy Birthday to your sister !

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