Friday, April 19, 2013


Me and my husband are really glad we've witnessed Ivan & Rae's wedding and not just that, we get to photographed their special day. It was a beautiful day! Well actually it was cold :/ Ok so I just literally contradicted the story lol. But other than that, we had so much fun! I hope you'll have fun viewing all these images.

Rae is such a natural woman! All the color concept she chose for her wedding are really pretty! 

Not my idea! I never thought my husband is such a diva! HAHAHA He coached him how to make this pose. What a clown! Oh guess what? Ivan is the best clown on earth! In a cool way! Man this guy makes us laugh a lot every time we see him. We're so happy for him. 

(picture on the right) How I love Dania.. she's my sweet Dania! I love it every time we see each other! And every time we see each other? It's like a "long time no see" it's a party! 

My husband helping his good friend. And ahh.. what can I say... he contributed so much and gave lots of ideas instantly! He assisted me and fully supported me all day! I'm truly blessed!

Oh, meet the bride's son! He's so adorable and super sweet! He does everything i told him to do. Precious little guy! 

I was just glad I found a mirror to hang these beautiful shoes! Ahh.. my eyes was screaming "I fancy you!"

Oh man.. I never thought I can make these women pose and it was very challenging! It was like filming a movie! But hey! They loved it! By the way.. their laughs were my favorite that day :) They're really sweet women. 

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