Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I waited months to photograph this gorgeous gal. And today, I get a chance to play with her hair. I told her how much i adore her hair! I'm such a huge fan of women that has BIG hair! She told me that she's half black and half american indian. I told her while i was styling her hair that if her hair is mine, I will always mess around with it and make it super BIG! Ah I wish I have her crazy hair. 


My project is to photograph women that haven't experience modeling or posing in front of the cam'ra. I want to teach them how to pose and I want to help them increase their confidence. 

DIFT - do it for them

I purchased the hair goodies in a dollar store. I used Bare Minerals for her make up. 


I was supposed to use a different backdrop but I saw a lot of extra goodies in my small storage and I found these fabrics then I ran out of fabrics so I added two sheets TA DAN! 

Her before and after picture. She also shared that she doesn't put make up on that much and this is her first time modeling.

My favorite thing about her is she's not ashamed of her birth mark on her little pinky.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Meet my last year's beautiful bridesmaid. I'm glad she was part of my bridal party! Roxanne is such a humble person and suuuuuper sweet! Every time she visits me, it excites me because I know we laugh like crazy. She's pretty funny and very energetic. Today finally I get to photographed her.... solo. She told me she thought it was going to be a stressful photoshoot but she said it wasn't at all and she had so much fun. Oh YES this gal knows how to follow instructions. I love how easy it was working with her today. Her smile is my favorite!


I just simply used lightroom and didn't even touch my CS6. This concept doesn't need manipulation and I intentionally wanted to show her really beauty. Of course I still love photo manipulations and CS6 is still my playground but I wanted to make my job easier.


Yes of course it's so obvious that i only used natural light coming from the window.


I will definitely reveal that later because i wanted to preserve my ideas for now. I will blog all my ideas/DIYs later on.

Make up: Roxanne Brucal
Photographer/Hair stylist : Joy Langston

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


It's been two years since the last time we hang out with our good friend Jimbo.  He's a preacher and all I can say is this dude is really a blessing and an inspiration. I'm glad I get a chance to photograph him when me and my husband brought him to the city. We had so much fun. I asked my husband to drive us to the little village close to the Kava cafe where I had one on one session with Christine Meintjes. That village has lots of amazing locations to take photos.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I  know this is definitely not the tokyo or let's say traditional outfit they wear in Japan but my inspiration for this shoot was my japanese umbrella which is they call it.... Paper Parasol Umbrella. This was my second session with Bridget and she did a good job following all my instructions. I was her make up artist, hairstylist and stylist. I didn't have assistant either. I NEED ONE!

Bridget helped to put those wallpapers together to use it as her background. I will be making lots of backgrounds soon. DIY is my buddy! And it's a cheaper way to do it!

Curling her hair wasn't the hardest part. Taking pictures while curling her hair wasn't comfortable at all.

Bridget without her make up on.

 After styling her hair, I took my scarves and I created an outfit for her to wear. I love fashion so much!

After applying the make up. I didn't go crazy on her make up because I love the simple look for this concept. 

I was blown away when I put these two pictures together. The first image is also my photograph. If you don't know about me, my last name before i got married was Salera :) I took that picture 2 years ago and It's still my favorite!