Friday, November 2, 2012

Sandy love

Monday morning, 9am... my husband finally decided to leave the house and started packing up
everything to keep it safe. He said that the flood is not going to be that bad. His grandpa called
sunday night and got worried & told him exactly what to do. I also asked his dad to convince him
 to leave because he doesn't want to leave. But early morning, thank God he made a 
decision. So while he's packing up, I can't help it but snap lots of pictures & I even recorded videos.

I will post it soon. I only have few more minutes to use the internet because the generator can't be on
all night. I just want to show you everything that happened. As you can see, there's before & after 
images. When we left, I still wanted to grab more stuff. I had a strong feeling that when we get back
it's going to be dark inside. Everybody that knows me, they know how much i love bright, white 
colors. My vision was different that day. It's not because i lost my faith but i knew it's not going 
to be good.

I really miss my flat. It hurts so much but I had to let it go. It's not that I'm materialistic. There's just
great things that I cannot forget and I was so attach about those great things & I can't forget about it.
Those great things are :
1. when the first time I moved there, the excitement is unforgettable! 2. When I was alone & sick 
and had to battle with my respiratory infection. 3. when I got married & my husband moved in with
me. 4. when my husband cooked for me for the first time. 5. when we had our first dinner. 6. when 
we get to buy our very first furnitures. And many more things that I cannot forget. 

First day I woke up realizing, Yes.. our flat is gone. Our stuff are gone. We lost everything. I cannot 
cry, I don't know what to feel & I'm completely speechless. I can talk but my mind isn't present.
I can laugh and I had to fake it. Of course I can't forget that day when there's still good people out
there that are willing to help. I'm really thankful. 

Early morning before we document our place, I woke up with a bad mood. But then I decided to
sing & worship God. I couldn't do it since after things happened but I forced myself to sing.
Tears fell & I couldn't stop crying. My husband brought me a breakfast. I stayed in our room.
Thank God for the langston family. We have a place to stay. My parents also offered their place
but my husband didn't want to bother them. That I'm also thankful. So glad I have an amazing sister
and parents. I know for sure they're the first & last people that are willing to help & be there for me.

Back to worship... I got too emotional when I started singing "makes me wanna shout" My tears
are unstoppable.

All the stuff that I saved from my wedding are all gone. My plan was to share it to other brides that will need it. 

We get to visit inside & I took lots of pictures. It was heart breaking. But I know these are all just
materials. A lot of people are telling me that these can all be replaced. I believe it but except that
I cannot replace the value (not the price) but thinking about the blessings that got wiped out was hard
for me to accept. I'm doing my best to heal myself & break the attachment I had with my stuff. 

I wanna thank people from upstate new york who came to bring us goodies. Also, Emily volunteered
to take my gown & Nate's suit to get cleaned... Thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I will blog about it soon!

Battle realms, let me explain that.. let me tell you how much I value all the things my friends
gave me. I can keep them forever.

We left the flat after we document everything. We went to our favorite spanish
restaurant at grove and we both got too emotional & tears came out. As soon as my husband
started eating, I saw his tears falling down. It breaks my heart. He's been trying to hide it. I'm glad
he was able to let go of those heavy feelings he kept for few days.

We went to the mall yesterday just to charge our phones because we still don't have power. I've met
these cool people. It made me smile...

I asked my husband if i can take a picture of our shoes. These are the only shoes we have left... But
we're grateful!

Early this morning, we woke up with good attitudes. My husband's smile is always and will always be
my forever favorite.

Please please keep us in your prayers.


  1. glad you guys make it! question did you lose any camera equipment?

  2. thank God you were fine that really matters.... be strong always:)

  3. I've been a friend of Carmel Rich for years and years. She shared the link to your blog. We are praying fervently for you. With the news showing millions affected, you and your husband are a touch point for us. Our God is faithful. His strength is your strength. Keeping you before the throne in prayer....The Vroegindeweys of Jacksonville, FL

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