Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another awesome day part II

So earlier this afternoon, me, pastor anthony, his daughter brooklyn and his wife went to see our
flat to check out everything. But before that, I went back to the cake lush shop to see if Greggy
was there.. I wanted to show Tanya how awesome the shop really was. OH YES HE WAS STILL
THERE! haha But tanya was still busy looking at our flat so me and brooklynn went there
and I bought 4 pops to try it. OH IT WAS AN AWESOME TRY! IT WAS DELICIOUS!

Check out the part 1 here: http://joysaleraphotography.blogspot.com/2012/04/another-awesome-day.html

Greggy gave us a free pop corn to taste! It's so delicious! 

Oh what a lovely backyard we have! I can do a lot of photoshoot here! I had so much ideas
right away! Especially the brick wall are just breathtaking! I cannot wait to design this 
backyard and so as my fiance! He's so pumped to plant some vegetables and flowers! 

Here's our front yard and our living room... OH I CANNOT WAIT TO DESIGN THIS HOUSE!
The former tenant moved to florida and she left her curtains and I love them! I will definitely
keep them! ^_^ Oh the floor is a massive BONUS! THANK YOU GOD!

and look at our view... It's like being in a real movie! I've always dream to see it in real life!
So here we are! Look at my little adopted blonde pretty lassie brooklynn enjoying her tea!

So today, I taught Brooklynn how to set up my cam'ra... and she did a good job! She took great 

She has a pretty good eyes huh? ahhh i wish she'll get a cam'ra soon!  

Here's my babe, About to pay the apartment! WOOO HOOO!!!!! GOOD JOB BABE! I'M SO 

Another awesome day

Last week saturday, I found Cake lush but they're closed :( Then yesterday I came to
check it out assuming that they might be open and according to the schedule, they're open
 until 5pm so I did my best to get there before they close but when I got there, It's  closed
around 4:45... ahhhhh!

poor me hahah I was like a sad puppy yesterday, my fiance goes, "sorry babe" LOL but thankfully
today, I got there on time! WAAAH! Thanks to Ate Anna! she dropped me off over there! I opened
the door and I thought no one's around! but then i heard a voice and I SAW GREGGY! WAAAH! 

That was the most awesome excitement I've had so far hahahahaha I was blown away! It's really
GREGGY SORIANO! I'm such a massive fan of his gift! He makes fun and awesome cakes! and
oh POPS TOO! which I heart! And he scheduled me for tasting on may! I'm super EXCITED!

I asked greggy If i can take a picture of him. I never thought he's gonna be that sweet! oh man!
you all need to meet him if you're around jersey city! You will love his character! Oh sooo 
fun & professional at the same time! His shop is so lovely!

His pops made me hyper! I forgot to buy one! AHHHH! I will definitely come back to grab me some!
Look at the colors! I want to live there! hahahah I will come back to take more photos! and I will
blog every single of it! You have no idea! his shop is like a dream shop! It felt like I was in differnt
world! I'm 30 years old but hey it felt like I was back in my young days! 

Please check out his website at www.cakelush.com and also add him on facebook 

So before we went to the cake shop, me and ate Anna had lunch! It was her treat for me! So sweet of her!
We went to max to eat some awesome food! A MASSIVE SHOUT OUT TO ATE! THANKS SO MUCH!

Meet ate Anna! She's also my church mate! WAAAAH NILAGANG BAKA! soooo NOM NOM! 

DAING! so BIG! hahaha and it's so good! I remember i had a bad experience at max in the philippines!
THE FISH HAD A PIECE OF HAIR! YUCK! But thankfully, the max here in Newark avenue is so clean!
They have a great chef I can tell you that!



Monday, April 23, 2012

DIY mood

54 more days! It's going to be my jumpy day! I've been browsing and searching for my wedding 
stuff. My planning is absolutely awesome! It wasn't really hard to find ideas. It just happened
 that I just knew what I really want for my day! So earlier, I spent my morning sawing after
 I prayed. This was totally a hand sewing haha and i had a great time except my back was in pain!
AHHHH! I'm 30 and turning 31 this July and I can tell you that I'm feeling it... I'm feeling
TOMORROW because I will check If I can take a little snap of our new flat. We're so blessed
with many over flowing blessings today! But for now, I just want to share my little DIY goodies...

I also made a fabric rose... Just to let you know, I'm not wearing them. Will show the final result
as soon as I get to organize every little thing I got in my room :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Sunny happy day

Oh hello there bloggers! what a day I had! whewsh! well these pictures are a little late. 
It was monday... my beautiful monday! I usually call it my lazy monday because
 I don't have work to do! But thankfully, this beautiful woman of God called me and made my day
 more exciting! We went out to get my wedding gown materials! aaaah! it was a sunny happy day!
 Not just for me but also for my fiance! Will tell you more about it as soon as you scroll down =D 

we went to this chinese restaurant.. OH MY! it was pretty descent! I enjoy the food so much! 
I was actually surprised because the nom noms are pretty pocket friendly! It was lunch & we 
got amazing deal! It was funny because I told uniris and her husband carlos that here in america
when you invite someone to eat, you don't pay for their food and in my country it's opposite! 
I shared to them my little funny story when I got invited to go  out with friends to eat. Uniris & 
Carlos are pretty cool people! I had so much fun hanging out with them! They paid for my lunch
which it made them more cooler! hahaha!! And what made them more RAD was when they paid
for my wedding gown materials & Uniris will make my gown for free!! I was so blessed! God is
 really helping me, He knows I'm really in a tough situation but God really knows what I need! I 
want to give a massive shout out to Uniris & Carlos for blessing me with lots of blessings! 
Thank you JESUS! You're so GOOD for my GOOD! WooOOO!

I didn't order the brown rice, I asked for white rice and they messed up LOL but it's all good!
they replaced it. I just didn't have the chance to snap a pic cause I was too hungry! 

 Oh what a glorious day! FLIP FLOPS FREEDOM DAY!!!

the city is a place for busy people! 


Oh how I love my tailor! she's really a sweet person! 

My wedding gown materials are in his hands! My heart was jumping when I was looking at those 
blue bags! I was a happy clappy jumpy woman! So pumped!

On our way back to jersey the beautiful city... It was exactly 3:40 and I thought about calling 
him because he works at jersey city hospital and I asked Uniris if we can pick him up because
he gets out at 4! I know it was too much to ask but I tried anyway haha that's how I love my 
nathanael! Uniris found it sweet ^_^ yay! I thought she's going to reject me haha So yea we 
picked him up and he looked exhausted! But it was his clappy day too! It was his first day at 
work! Another day and to thank GOD! ahhhhhh! SCREAMMMM!!!

Tuesday, My first day having dinner with my 2nd family! And what a fun day hanging out with
another bride Brenda! She's so beautiful in and out! 

So here I am flaunting my wedding plan book! hahaha

wooo! these shrimps are mad spicaaay!

After dinner, I get to plan with 2 more brides! we had a great meeting with tanya. She was sharing us
her awesome big wedding and giving us many ideas. 

so I had 3 wedding invitation designs and I rejected 2 cards already because I wasn't happy
with the quality. But ahhhh I'm thankful I get to finalized everything! It's coming on monday!

Here's Ginger, the bride number 2 and she's a little stress out about her wedding planning but 
I know it's going to be awesome.. we're all going to have the same wedding location and share
lots of stuff :)

Here's my little board showing/sharing them everything I did for the past few months. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fun Practice

It was pretty nice outside & here I am, I had another beautiful day with Emily and her
 baby penny! And of course, again, I need to build friendship with her cam'ra Mr. Mark!
well, glad I shoot raw today but these pictures I posted are from my awesome budd, nikon!
I will show you the images later as soon as I get a chance to pick it up at emily's flat! she tried
 to dropbox me but her CR2 file won't open! I have LR3 & CS5 but I didn't get any
luck (well causeI guess I don't believe in luck?) LOL but will post it as my Blog part II?
yay! but for now, please enjoy the rest of the images! 

Penny found a playmate! ahh they look fun! I enjoyed watching them play even 
it was just a little time ^_^ penny rather watch the squirrel! Hilarious!
This little new friend is so sadly adorable! I want one! wait, I gotta stay faithful to my 
Akita! LOL but I don't mind if I'll have this kind =) 
I love watching them play! so much fun! I'm sure they had fun.. ehem I mean the new 
friend had fun because like I said, Penny rather watch Mr. Squirrel ^_^
here they are... sniffin tryin if there's food inside? or are they curious or what? hahah 
how ever, this little friend caught my attention =)
so yea, I totally like this little one :) & obviously she or he likes me.. I didn't even know
if this creature is she or he?Emily help me remind me hahaha

awwwww look at this? having fun much?

Here's penny trying to avoid the little friend hahaha penny so cute and she goes
"time for real business" 
Penny avoided the little one, so Emily took ovah! 


here she is, squirrel squirrel hahahah she's so funny! 

Time to talk to your real mama.

 awwww poor creature! penny is too busy and I think it was time for her to go home :(

so he's back to BUSINESS! I can hear her voice saying: "Squirrel, come to mama"

Penny: I'm not leaving! No no! I'm not! wait, I'll be here!

I've seen many blogs out there and they advice to make sure that the tone of
every images should be the same. But in my own world says, I can do what I want & I can
tone it up tone it down it doesn't bother me at all. When it comes to my own recipe, I
don't make any rules. I do it with fun :)

Emily in B&W

the pretty Emily, I can't wait to shoot her wedding!

It's so beautiful outside! the trees are amazing!

so we're walking back to get in the car, penny wants to stop cause guest what? she found another
squisshee! lol