Friday, November 18, 2011

My New Japanese goodies

WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! my vacation was awesome! me and my boyfriend fly 
together to seattle to visit his mum.. and oh what a great experience! I cannot 
believe how happy I was! Nathan's mum was really sweet to me.. but 
that will go to a different blog.. but for now.. It's about
my goodies!!!!! I got really upset knowing that jersey
city doesn't have daiso :(

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Family

I feel so blessed I have a great dad! Not cause he gave me a manual camera but his 
effort and the way he gave me the cam'ra was priceless! he was very happy! 
hahah while me, I was busy being excited! here's mr. manual! Welcome 
to the fam mr. GLAM!

and of course, my Little friend shiloh enjoyed the cam'ra and he 
wants it hahah I told him, I have to buy a film! yes it's empty!

Here's the sample pic.. thanks to wallgreen! It's soooooo FANCY! $8.75 just to transfer
it to CD? that's bleeding fancy!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

photo session with Shamia

I'm really not a big fan of weird angles. Not a big fan of Mr. Crop either. 
I only crop when it's necessary like for example, my client requested it then 
that's only when I break my rules :) 

Anyway... these pictures.. They are not perfect but I'm not Mr. perfect's friend either!
 But I always critic my own work and it's actually helping me even though it's a little frustrating.
 I mean, criticizing  yourself is a lot harder than hearing other people's opinion. 

Oh yea I'm a good listener! The only way I don't accept other 
photographer's idea is when I can't do their suggestions.. (technique wise)
mmmm.. like for example,  if they suggested these:

1. Oh it's ok to crop the pictures!
2. Do the weird angles.. to the left, to the right!

hahah you know what I mean? Well I love suggestions especially
 if the suggestion fits me well! YES I listen and apply them! 

 Photography is not easy but it's something that is fun and uplifting. But anyway guys..
 If you need help, let me know... I'll be willing to 
have photo session with you! Pricing? nah.. I'm not that FANCY  yet! ^_^
c h e e r s ! 
                                                                                                              Joy Salera

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cinemagraph I'm in!

this is not the best cinemagraph you will ever see but I wanted to share it anyway cause it is my very 
first cinemagraph.. hope you'll enjoy it.. google all the best cinemagraph it's a fun thing to do!

Find what's moving on this image :) it's fun! I made this image a little bigger
so that it will be a little easier for you to find it ;)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Stanley & Gina's wedding

Hello bloggers! I would like to share to you my friend's wedding, and NO i was not her photographer
 that night..I can't help it! i had to take a snap of every great moment! what a privilege to sing
for her while she's walking to the altar... It was a very beautiful wedding! The food is SOOOO NOM NOM! and ofcourse I took advantage eating them all!

I danced like I just got out of the jail! my church mates are awesome! 
Didn't know they're that fun...