Saturday, February 25, 2012


Oh yes, Another day... whewsh! what a tiring day! Ok so, here I am sharing you
these s'moresilicious goodies I made last night for the youth. It was too
chocolaty and it wasn't crunchy last night.. I was too busy working and I didn't have
 time to make it early,no time to purchase a lollipop stick, and so I had a quick idea! I saw
 this heavenly pretzel  and yea walaah shaka.. It solved my problem! But earlier today
I was ready for my angelic breakfast  and i saw these yummyness, I was starring 
at it.. I was like oh wow.. I made too much s'mores but good thing I did because if not,
 I wouldn't be able to taste it today, wow! everything happens for a reason! it was meant for me
my beautiful tummay! lol but here they are..enjoy my very own s'moresilicious!

My inspiration here? my upcoming wedding... I was really thinking about it today.
It's the only way for me to avoid the stress.. Trust me, it's a beautiful thing...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Home made

today... I woke up starving! so I treat myself. I went to pastor's kitchen
and checked his fridge. So I worked on what they have. Well so glad
they have eggs, butta & lemon juice! and you know what's awesome? 
I knew they're out of bread, before I came, I was thinking.. oh no! I need to 
buy me a bread! but as soon as I got to his kitchen, BOOM! the heavenly 
bread! so I got so excited! my hands my feet are moving so fast.. i was like
a machine.. My stomach was SCREAMING, "FOOD FOOD!" 
so I came up with making me my very own home made hollandaise sauce
with an egg on the top and 2 breads... wow, this really made my day! i cooked 
with excitements and I thought I was like mr. splash! This happens 
when someone is hungry. They will do anything and they move
fast in just 1 blink of an eye. PSSSSEEEWSH! i love that sound. That's 
the sound I was hearing while cooking lol 

My ingredients are : 2 egg yolks, salted butter, (it's supposed to be unsalted) but mr. 
fridge didn't have it Lemon juice (not the regular juice that you see at home)
 try to buy a fresh lemon. Salt & pepper, for decorations: Bay leaf & I toasted the bread
and cut the edges and the edges was very hard so I crushed it to put it on the top of the
 sauce... and of course I added a secret ingredient that cannot be revealed :D
But i have 1 secret ingredient I can definitely share.. and that is,
to cook happy :) Enjoy the rest of the pics! happy drooling!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


whewsh! what a day! I cannot wait to have a kitchen where I can call it "my kitchenaire" 
let the stress begin! Wow I'm getting into this! cooking,baking,decorating. What 
is wrong with me? haha I guess I'm just too excited because I know I'm 
getting married soon and I just want to fill my future husband's stomach lol 

NO NO not good! of course we've talked about working out everyday! we're 
going to dance a lot and I will teach him some good steps! and yes! dancing
will help you lose all that calories! ha! and also i heard from this old grandma,
dancing will make your life super long! Get ready to drool! 

Sharing this awesome grandmum! GO GRANNY!

My purpose that day was just to decorate.. so i bought a 1 box of pound cake, eggs,
milk and buttah... i baked it then for decorations, I used melted candy, (chocolate)
meringue: egg white & sugar. I put the meringue on the top of the cupcake
then broil it, then I poured a little bit of powdered sugah and melted candy.

nothing is better than home made meringue... the ingredients are just simple
and it's really delicious! egg white, sugar & icing coloring! 

brooklynn (my awesome adopted american, blonde sister) hahah she's blonde but
smart! thanks to this awesome quesadilla! I decorated it to make it look
presentable... I served it with fancy stuff because my fiance eats good when
his stuff looks good lol ahh! he's really that fancy. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy day

early breakfast

Hello beautiful bloggers! I woke up with a balance mood this morning... 
This room is my work room where I plan everything, my wedding, photography
and church stuff. This room use to be the langston's office but they've 
been letting me use this room for 3 years now. 

God is so good! so earlier this morning, i made myself a cup of coffee and
I love love this filipino MONAY... It is simply MASARAP! 
In english translation, It is simply DELICIOUS! You will not get disappointed
trying our own filipino bread! DO SOME TIY! try it yourself! =) 

Yesterday, we had an amazing baptism at tapestry church! I was really 
tired but it was worth it! I love witnessing people's lives, How they changed
and how God changed their lives! it was amazing!

What a celebration! obviously, i didn't have a chance to take photos
of everything, because I was singing during the baptismal :( 

but here's the pictures after the baptism. I celebrated it with Evita's family
and friends. Oh they're so lovely! I was a wreck and all i want was to eat 
hahaha oh I'm such a pig when it comes to food. My tummy
doesn't choose any of my mood. It doesn't matter
how tired I am or how sleepy I was! yikes! I need
to watch my health too! when it comes to food
I'm so not picky! I just love to eat and of course, ehem take 
a picture of my food! Please enjoy the rest of the pictures! I will do my best to post 
a blog everyday to keep you posted about my everyday adventure!

Look at this lovely family! they're so adorable! 

Meet evita & Sanny's son! Adore adore adore adore! 

ahh! I love this boy! I don't even know him! haha he's just one of Sanny's friend's son and 
I don't even know his mum & dad? I just this boy walking around and I he looked at me
so I took a snap! and I showed him his beautiful face! and it was hilarious because
he asked me to take 1 more pic of him! and I almost fell on the floor when 
he posed like a model! Oh the second shot was the winner! 

I learned something from this. I found how easy it was to take a quick snap of 
the kids... The lesson was, "YOU JUST GOTTA TALK TO THEM & GIVE THEM A 

and here's the result after taking photos of that little boy! These two cuties joined
the photo party! 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

cupcakes & pops

everyday is a sweet day...
Oh hello there bloggers! just sharing my awesome goodies! and they're really attractive in
my tummy! This was my second attempt! the first was was horrible hahaha well i wasn't sure! 
because I didn't even taste it! We had youth fund raising and I donated pops and s'mores. 
Oh speaking of s'mores, I will blog it soon! 

Back to the fund raising, One of the church members, Minerva bought all the pops
 I made LOL One of her reason was, she didn't want to go to the bakery shop to buy 
goodies because she didn't have time! I was like WOAH!? A lot of church members are
 drooling that day because they wanted to try it so bad.. Well I asked Minerva about the pops.
 She said i put too much icing. But I accepted the critic because It was my first time and I 
didn't taste it anyway haha. I put cream cheese to form a ball & I put it in the freezer for 15-10 min
 then dip it in candy melt. Anyway, This second attempt, Thankfully, I bought a pops pan and 
it made everything easier! and all I did was dip everything in the candy melts! oh it was soooo ooohLicious! 

And YEAH! I had a bite! I tried not to but my tummy needs them really GOOD!
 (just had to replace the "really bad") ha! This time the layer isn't bad! it's not too sweet! 
I made different designs but luckily, shiloh.. Our pastor's son ate 5 pops.. he loves it!

so now meet my pretty cupcakes.  I didn't copy someone's design. I was actually 
experimenting and I pretty enjoyed it. I will consider these awesome nom-ies on 
my wedding day! I cannot wait...making & designing is such a painful work but 
combining the fun & time, it is all worth it, Try it yourself! Enjoy the rest of the pictures, 
happy DROOLING! ;)