Saturday, October 27, 2012


Another night with full of FUN not just in our stomach but we're full of joy! I'm so blessed to have
these ladies in my life. All these tapestry women are just that simply lovelies! That night friday night
was full of laugh! We played lots of games & we laughed like it was our last days! 
I am longing for more nights with them! 

And guess who was our bug last night? SHILOH hahahah He told me, "I don't care if this is a women
thing. This is my house and I can kick you out and I can get what ever I want!" I CRACKED UP!

It was our crab night & oh my goodness, this game that jenn spread out is just a killer! HAHAH 
BIG BOODY BIG BOODY OH YEA? OH YEA? BIG BOODY! All the ladies enjoyed it.

Last night, as much as I want to enjoy the moment, I can't help but grab my cam'ra & 
snap every single faces & they're all just adorable! As you can see, 
I enjoyed photographing them because the story that night was unstoppable! I don't 
even have to finish my writing this blog. I'll just let the images will narrate the story! ENJOY

                                                                                              Your happy clappy jumpy 
                                                                                                   Joy Langston

I enjoyed photographing my sisters! Their costumes was awesome! Here's the little taste of my
Short photoshoot with them!

Friday, October 26, 2012


Last night, my  husband came home & told me that he has a surprise for me. So he told me 
to find where the surprise is. So while digging in the plastic bag, I was thinking, ah! I'm sure
it's FOOD! So YES I was right! IT'S THE PUMPKIN PIE! I had pumpkin for the first time! 
When I was in the philippines, the only pie i like is Egg pie! haha Maybe some of you never heard
of it but all filipinos out there.. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about! The truth is, I can't 
remember the taste of egg pie anymore! Ah sad face! 

Anyway, back to pumpkin... AHH IT'S WAS PUMPKILICIOUS! My husband bought it in pathmark!
I texted him today, I wonder if home made pumpkin taste better? He replied WE WILL MAKE ONE!
I got so excited! WOOO HOO!!!! I'll get to bake with my bah bah! (another way of calling him baby)

Of course to win the day, I gotta have a cup of coffee! 

So my bah bah suggested to put whipped cream! AH sooooo YUM!

By the way, i dried this cute rose & it looks so pretty!! I dried prolly 20 of them haha


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just another day

Monday, Oct. 22nd, I went to the hospital where my husband works.. It's close to our flat, right
across the street. My husband has been telling me about the starbucks but that day I had a chance 
to check it out. Eh, It's ok. It doesn't feel like it's starbucks because of the rudeness. 
They should put a good, kind worker because it's making me dislike the starbucks!
BUT, I'm just trying to get it out of my chest. I got over it actually when I got a spot to
sit down & relax :) 

The photo on the top & this one is from my iPhone. Ah I enjoy that day! It was a beautiful day & it's 
really nice outside! The view is just breath taking... Jersey city downtown is really pretty! I'm so glad
God brought me to this place & met my lovely husband. 

Anyway, that day, I had a chance to really think about the wedding photo shoots. Pursue it or not
pursue it. But I made a decision. My husband agreed with it. I chose not to pursue it for a while. 
I know I'm booked to do my friend's wedding next year, that's fine but at least.. there's no pressure. 

One of the reason why I had to stop is because I realized that I can't handle some things. I need to learn
a lot of things. NOT just the photography but how to handle any situations. 

 Weddings are fun of course, and money wise, Yes it's a win. The truth is, I got disappointed &
was really down. But then, I woke up with a wide understanding. "I'm not ready for it" I don't 
want to blame anybody. There's no one to blame. It's just a decision i had to make. 

Actually, I was talking to myself while I was eating these sushi. Even though I made a decision already
I was still thinking if my decision was right. 

So last night, after taking this picture, I spoke to my husband & told him my final decision. NO 
MORE WEDDINGS. But I told him, the only weddings I'll be doing are my friend's upcoming
weddings. I told him at least there's no pressure & it's going to be easy for me. It's not like I can't 
do it. physically, mentally, it's really tiring. It's a lot of work! I'm sure all wedding photographers
knows that! I don't have assistant! I had to use my husband to help me & it's not fair to him!

I will still shoot but I will focus on family portraits etc. 

Look I took a picture of him! He's happy :) He understand my decision. He knows how hard it was! 
I love this man a lot. He's so supportive. His smile is my favorite everyday! When he wake me up with 
lots of kisses and beautiful smile, (even though I'm half asleep) It makes me forget the hardness of 
life... I'm truly thankful everyday. God has been so good & always good not just because I have a 
husband but because His grace is sufficient for me. God is really feeding me His daily mercy. 
Everyday, I'm simply thankful. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Brian & Melissa pt.1

Meet this beautiful bride Melissa. She's the most calm bride I've ever met! I'm glad I captured her special day. The first time I've met her at starbucks, she made me try this hot chocolate with soymilk & since then, I can't forget the taste! IT was soooo goood! I love her GOWN! It's so simple! I love simple gowns because you can see the real beauty of it. 

She is such a beauty & she smiles a lot too & very calm as water.

I've met her cool make up artist as well.. She's so nice & sweet!

The bride's sister (Her made of honor) which I kept forgetting that she's her made of
honor because I'm too focus on my job. The truth is, I can't remember her name! I KNO! I'm really
bad at remembering names! But her sister is such a lovely woman & fun!

Here's part II

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Corina & Dan's Wedding

What an awesome opportunity I had! I get to photograph Corina & Pastor Dan's BIG day!
It was traditional & beautiful! I appreciate weddings and It's fun seeing people smiling on their
stressful day. It's very inspiring. 

I love the way I edited these images. It kind of gave it a little drama to it! See, the thing about editing,
you have to own it and love it! OF COURSE I LOVE IT! I'm sure it's not everybody's taste but to
be able to come up with a new recipe makes me happy =D

I remember the first time we had the location first look, the bride wanted to have a photo session 
outside because she wanted trees on the background. But I told her, that I don't think it is possible 
because her wedding is at night. But when I had a chance to look around after the ceremony, I saw
a perfect location that has indoor trees! But ehem.. I didn't know it was a restricted area

We're all walking away and I'm so so happy I captured these ladies while walking back to the 
reception area. What happened was, I didn't know that building wasn't part of marriot hotel. It 
was from a different company. Dania (the bridemaid) told me that there's a security and they want
us out! hahaha I told the bridal party, "IT'S OK! LET'S TAKE A RISK FOR PICTURE SAKE!"
The image above this image was a restricted area. The bridal party was so ready to walk 
away but i stopped them because it was the only area where it has better view. We can't go out first
of, I don't have better equipment for night outdoor shooting. And once you get out of the building,
all they have is a parking lot lol 

These boys are my favorite! In fact, it was my favorite photo that night! While waiting on the bride
and the groom, I had this quick idea! I couldn't put everybody together because they're all busy and
waiting for the program. I told these kiddos to do the CEO pose. I had to laugh because they can't 
do it 100% HAHAHA It's soooo cute! They're lovely kids! I thought it was challenging but these boys
are not hard to please! 

Another beautiful night with my husband. Can't ask for more... He's very supportive!