Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene attack

we had a little taste of one of the most fun earthquake then we encountered irene.. thank God we're all ok. 
A lot of people complained because of exaggerations and how the media made it look really bad. 
But I don't have any complains. I'm just really thankful! 

People seem unable to grasp that the “overreaction” probably saved lives. 
A storm doesn’t have to be Katrina to kill.” - Jeff Fecke 

that's so true. I posted that as my status on facebook. My dad spoke to me about how
 people of God intercede. People might find this funny but I believe that it is because of prayers,
 we just kicked irene's butt and she was knocked out! 

Oh by the way, I made a menu that day while waiting for Irene. 

My dad told me not to worry because He believes that we're all on Jesus boat!
 How exciting! So today, me and my boyfriend decided to have some joy ride! and this 
is what we've found. Enjoy! 

everything looks normal to me... But yes, it's windy & a little cold. We thought we're going
to encounter floods and stuff but I'm glad it didn't happen! 

Me and nate checked our church, we're just glad every thing was perfectly fine!
Oh by the way, those condos are expensive! lol $290,000 per unit? Oh my!

front of our church... I love this neighborhood! It is close to everything! coffee shops, 
boutiques, market and Path train. It's like I'm in a perfect city! So lovely! 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Au bon day

Au bon Pain is one of my favorite coffee/bakery shop in jersey. It's clean and well basically,
what I love about this shop are the colors,ambience, & ofcourse their awesome cupcakes
& bread and oh their soup! 

It's so delish! and what so cool was? we all "heart" coffee. 
I'm the only one that drinks decaf.I kno I kno boring! but I have to. 
Regular coffee gives me a lot of chest pain especially at night. It's frustrating!

I want to introduce my coffee gang mates...

Abby - nathan's sister
Nathan - Abby's brother & my boyfriend/bestfriend
Raphael Donde - Abby's boyfriend

Please enjoy the rest of the pictures! Til next time! I know I only have 2 followers but 
It's always fun writing! I'm enjoying the blog even I don't see any bloggers around here haha

Later readers! 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Love don't live here

I like this t-shirt not cause I don't believe in love. I gave it a different meaning. I don't believe in Live in before marriage. I'm not blaming or pointing every women that lives with their boyfriends. This is only my own personal choice.

My boyfriend believe in the same thing. He likes privacy. Not because he's hiding something. I believe he wants my respect. He told me that once we're married then we'll try not to keep/hide anything from each other. 

back to the t-shirt, yes LOVE DON'T LIVE HERE lol

S E L F - P O R T R A I T # 7

Saturday, August 13, 2011

100 self portrait

I've decided to collect 100 self portrait this month. I think I can finish it in 2 weeks hahah we'll see... so far, this is what I got.  It only took  45min to complete these portraits. I'm excited for the next one. I have a lot of ideas in my book... I'm excited. This project is really fun! Got 94 portraits to GO!