Wednesday, November 21, 2012

blogging wednesday

Hello beautiful/handsome viewers/bloggers! Just had another beautiful wednesday... But before
that, let me share to you about my little date with my handsome husband last night. I'm not sure if
 you all know but I'll tell you anyway.. I love love thai food and THAI ICED TEA! 

I had chicken with coconut soup! Ah! yummmmm!

My husband had traditional thai soup with beef ball & sliced beef! It is SOOO Heavenly delicious!

Rice, my energy ;) 

Last night, Tanya decorated her house with lots of Christmas decorations! So love love it! 
I get so excited every time they take out their Christmas decoration tubs from their 
storage every year! So this morning when I woke up, I took a quick snap! She's actually not 100 
percent done. But they look pretty already!

What made my day beautiful was I get to talk to my adorable nephew! I caught him watching cartoons! 
He's for months already and he's growing so fast! He loves talking & guess what? He talks a lot but 
very quiet at church. He only cries when he needs to nom nom. AHH we get to face time this morning!
On Dec. 9th, IT'S HIS BABY DEDICATION! I'm so excited! I'm decorating his invitations!

Today, I hang out at starbucks to wait for my husband. We're supposed to check out a flat but it was 
canceled :( I was so anxious to see it but the owner canceled it. But tomorrow, they scheduled us again!
Well, that's all for now! Hope you'll enjoy thanksgiving tomorrow!!!! HAPPY NOM NOM TO ALL!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Just another day for me. It's be rough & i tell you what i can't even laugh about it. But I'm here 
blogging tuesday just to update my viewers. And no worries, I'm pasting the positivities on my 
forehead to keep me going. Coffee day, waffle day, as long as my tummy is happy, I think I'll be 
ok... God is good. Always. Here's my favorite wedding photos I shoot last month. It's just hard to 
update every weddings I did recently. I get more excited to post the present situations. 

Here's some of my favorite wedding photos I took on Melissa & Brian's wedding.
here's part 1.

I wish i had a beach wedding too... It's been always my dream! But I got everything that I want except
the beach wedding. 

The groom and the bride wanted to meet up before their actual ceremony. My photos will tell you the 
story :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Oh what a fun day! My clients are amazing! They're easy to work with! Dominic the little boy is such 
a cutie! Every time he calls my name, it makes me smile! Anyway, this family are one of my favorite
people in the world! I'm so glad I get to enjoy my day with them and also with my husband! 

He was crying because he was ready to play :) But picture doesn't always have to be perfect!

I told them I have some little props for them...I made this today before the session!

My polaroid was awesome! 

No flash here.. I was just lucky there's a park light lol

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


YES HE IS GOOD! I'm not ashamed to say it! And i can say it over and over! Before sandy, I've been
saying this. After sandy, for some reason, my mouth shut down. But then after few days, after slapping
myself, (well not literally) i just had to wake myself up and make myself realized that I cannot shut
down. I must worship! I wrote a blog about it and if you haven't seen it yet.. please feel free to scroll
down and look for my older blogs. After having the best encounter with God, my days went back to
normal. I get to worship more and more. Yea, I couldn't get those old memories back that we left in
our flat but only faith and worship filled my Joy again!

My husband was really thankful that his CEO blessed him some money and brought him to his favorite
store JCREW. He was one of the happiest man that day. All my friends & family knew how much he
loves JCREW goodies. He can talk and promote it all day long! JCREW even gave him discount and
free socks! Of course they new what happened. He lost everything but LOOK! God restored it!

while that day, I was at the langston's home, enjoying my day, my vienna sausage day awww... Then
he called and told me about the good news and I was really happy for him. Early in the morning before
he left the house, I was worried because he doesn't have work clothes anymore. God knew my worries.
I know I'm not supposed to worry but then the Lord knows it all. He knew what we need and ah! my
husband deserves those blessings! My heart was jumping and celebrated with my husband. Also, that
day, I was back to work. I was working with my recent wedding shots. I'm so thankful, my clients
are very patient waiting for their pictures. They understood & I can't thank them enough.

Then the next day, my husband requested if we can have spam! hahah YES! I converted him to eat this
awesome spam! Some people here thought that spams are for ghettos. Ah it sounded so racist to me.
But i don't agree with that! SPAM IS FOR AWESOME PEOPLE LIKE MY HUSBAND! ahaha I
taught him how to eat it and appreciate simple food! It may not be that healthy but I just love the fact
that I can make him love the food that I love! SPAM AND RICE? YES LET IT RISE!

So he volunteered to cook it! It's actually simple. Just fry it then dun dun dun dun!

I love how he love games haha I mean he's so matured in many ways but when it comes to gaming
and such? He looks like a little precious child.

Monday, my lazy monday! I get to hang out with my filipina friend Abigail! Her heart is a beauty!
I wanted to thank this girl for the blessings she donated! Oh I didn't even have any idea how much
she donated! My husband just told me about it earlier before I started blogging! I completely froze!
I was totally amazed when she shared to me her job! Our lunch date was quick but it was
amazing! This girl is such a cutie especially when she told me she never had any boyfriend yet! How
cute is that? And the way she loves her parents is unbelievable! She's so loyal & loving! And guess
what? She's on my worship team! Her passion is very inspiring!

The same day, after our lunch date, I went to the mall. I decided that day, "I'm gonna shop" but no not
until i drop =D Since I lost so many things, I needed these little things & of course clothes & shoes. I
didn't take a snap of my clothes because it's really not necessary but maybe later?

I love H&M. Their little goodies are too cute! & cheap. But the brown pouch is not H&M. It's
forever21.. my other favorite clothing store. They got awesome goodies there too!

 Saturday, I received the yellow envelope! Of course there's a card! Keith, thanks so much for the
encouragement. It made us smile! Thank YOU!!

Sunday, after church, Emily from upstate NY left a letter for me. Thank you for bringing those
clothes! Tell everyone, THANK YOU!!!! Hope to see you soon!

Earlier today, I received Mama Carmel's letter! The living word church donated blessings for me &
Nate! We're so thankful! Thank you to my kentucky family! I love you all so much! We're so grateful!
We're looking forward to visit you all soon! To the Rich family... I love you gazillions times!
And to all that got involved and blessed us, thank you...

Tonight, another blessing we received from Evita & Sanny. They just got engaged few days ago!
CONGRATULATIONS! I cannot wait to photograph your engagement pictures! I love you both!
They're amazing cops by the way!

Ah I hope you enjoyed my blog! Will keep blogging!
xoxo - Joy Langston