Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spring/Summer preparation

Why do I write my blog so late? lol I'm so ready for a big change (fashion talk) I like new stuff as always, but for some reason, my taste changed a little bit... :/ I used to put a lotta accessories. (necklace,huge ring,earrings etc.) But at the mall, when I was looking around, I've soo much accessories & it started hurting my eyes. haha Well maybe cuz winter was a long season & I can't use too much stuff on my body but coats & scarf. (boring)

but I think this outfit i tried on, my cam'ra is the best stuff to add on this style. Ok so, the boots I was wearing is mine & so as the pants. I love white t-shirts. Well I guess I just love white in everything (COL)

The question is : Did I purchase them? the answer is: NO. hahah vest was $21.99 not bad t-shirt $6.00. The problem was, the vest is large UGH! i hate it every time I want something and I see the "L" word. I mean ehem, I'm not trying to make other women feel bad (it's not the weight/size) This always happen to me and this vest was the last one & the store said, they don't repeat their clothes. There's always different style that comes out. GRRRR!

I almost bought cuz I thought about the taylor I knew (Uniris) She's really good! but, I'm afraid my boyfriend will complain hahah (he rather spend the money to buy food) which is cool ;) I've learned so much from him. He trained me very well!But sometimes he's too much (bahaha) ^_^v peace boyfriend.

OMAHGAWSH! I've been looking for this shoes! I FOUND IT! I like the color (dark brown) but I prefer either black or (dark blue) But to be honest, this shoes isn't comfortable. The front is really tight & hard LOL but they sure look mad mean! $21.00 Amazing price!

They have black! this is the most comfortable shoes ever! $24.00 WOAH! the price is perfect but, for some reason, I look short cuz it's too flat or maybe it was just my imagination cuz the first time I saw the dark brown shoes, It was love at first sight! but ok I'm torn between two lovers!

Question: did i purchase both? the answer is: NO. HAHAHAHAHA

Winter is the winner

I went outside when I woke up & it feels like I was Inside the freezer! I was supposed to go to the mall to buy some personal stuff but I decided to just shoot & shoot and shoot LOL my feet feels like it was bleeding or something. I need a winter boots! Well, 2 months more, winter will be over so might as well wait until winter stuff will go on sale hahah I like cheap stuff with mad rad quality ;)

anyway, About the HDR effects, a lotta photographers hate this effect. Well I don't. This is something personal U kno? something U like for your stuff. mmm let's say, a lil flava so your pictures will turn rad ;) Oh well, I like listening to people's suggestion but if it is something I like to do & they criticize it, ehhh, nah. (next!)

OK so, This is a new thing I've learned last night. Shutter speed techniques. Ofcourse this is not from photoshop effects.

what I love about this area is, There's an antique store. It's really fun to look at the stuff they got. They're just pricey. I will sneak over there & shoot for u to see what they have ;)

I've 2 new people today! my neighbors! they're really cool.. this is mike by the way. He's been in his place for 30 years. WOW! he told me about all the history around the area. It was awesome! I'm about to check everything he said.

something I really do appreciate

I took this picture 3hrs boyfriend is very adventurous lol but most especially, sweet... Oh by the way, this is where I live :) I thank God I have a place to stay. Once a week sometimes twice, he visits me & hang out. What I love about him is, He buys groceries for me hahah in return, I cook for him. He loves eggs with milk,cheese & I put garlic too. Oh the secret ingredients is, don't use regular oil. Butter is awesome. So tonight, he was my chef (so cute) He prepared scallops. It is the best! I will post the video here. I haven't edit it yet.

I really do appreciate what he did for me earlier. He cooked, he drove even though he knew the bad snow was coming...

He email me before he came to visit. (when he was in the city)

I'm on my way to columbia right now for a class. I will get the rice cooker for you and stop by the store for some eggs and rice. How do you cook the scallops? Is it easy? Do you have the ingredients? What could we have with rice eggs and ...I dunno. You decide. Oh wait, I want noodles. My spicy noodle preferably; I will bring them. Xoxo.
Ps. Don't go out in this weather, wait for me to get groceries

the "Ps. msg" made me speechless... It is good to know that he cares & concern. I'm just that thankful.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"LOVE"ster New year!

I know It's been couple of weeks since after new year & I know I should have posted this a long time ago but I was just too lazy to find the file haha neeyways,I'm so glad I get to celebrate New year with my love again... (feels good) It was our "Love-"ster day. Man these lobsters are really pricey! $10 bucks each? eeeyikes!

Special thanks to Tracy & Pastor Anthony for their effort cooking/preparing everything! It was delish! Everything was delish! Until next year! weeee!

hahah I was too serious watching the kids playing wii!

awwwe, look at my lovely nathan... I just love looking at him. He's like a baby boy playing with his lo-lo-lobster LOL

the Good thing about the cam'ra is "there's a timer" and I was just acting here & this bf came in & ready for some actions tarraaan! hahaha

Ok so, I shouldn't put my logo here... I forgot.. I gotta give Brooklynn langston a good credit for this picture. THANKS BROO! she captured my boyfriend's sweetness... (in love)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


hello mates or not mates lol just letting you know that I'm also addicted to table set ups... back in grade school days, I remember me & my classmates joined a contest & I enjoyed designing our table & I wish I had enough mad rad materials that time but too bad, I came from a poor school & didn't have enough budget to pull out for that contest & well, I wasn't disappointed cuz I really did enjoy that day.

Here's my table set up @ mah flat & no, there's no special occasion that time... I just had a "bring back memory"moment. Got these stuff from Ikea, "my best friend" I'm not into expensive plates bla bla bla. As long as they look cute, I go. LOL alright, that's all for now... enjoy the rest. CIAO!

Monday, January 17, 2011


what a day... my sensitive day... anyway, this chocolate store is expensive and they only sell dark chocolate. But I thought this store is cool! but the employees aren't cool at all LOL they're a lil mean..I mean, why expect right? It's NY! the chocolates made me drool! Enjoy the pix!

I'm wondering if this is a crochet bike case/cover or knitting? haha I can't tell.. anyway, I thought this was hilarious! It was cold that day & it made me think & wonder why the owner put a cover on his/her kids bike LOL I saw this on the street (brooklynn NY) oh maybe the person was scared the bike might get cold. again, HILARIOUS!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011