Friday, April 26, 2013


January 1, 2013 New Years and my husband wrote our 2013 declaration and meeting Christine was one of it! First my husband declared an FJ Cruiser and YES we got our first car this year! And April 22, 2013 I finally met Christine! I was so excited! The story was, I found out on her Facebook site that she's going to NYC. My eyes went from small to big! It was insane! So I fall down on my knees and ask God if this is it! And if this is my opportunity. So I decided to personal message her on Facebook It was march 6, 2013 to be exact hahaha.. And she replied the next day! My heart beat was drumming hahahah but weeks passed by and we haven't settled things out yet and I message her assistant and some how I didn't get the assistant's message but she forwarded me the message and I don't why I didn't get it. So I got worried and prayed. And again, I message Christine April 11th and replied the same day and confirmed our meet up! 

The assistant told me that she can only do 3 hours. To make the story short, we finally did our one on one session and i learned a lot and discovered so many things from her. The session was worth it! And after our 3 hour session, she told me we can meet up again. I couldn't even describe my feet. They were dancing inside lol

When I found out that she's only using lightroom  I was blown away. I couldn't believe it. So after our session, I started playing around with the lightroom and I was so surprised how much lightroom can do and I didn't even open my CS6. It made my photography life easier than ever. 

After our first session, she message me that she will photograph me as a gift! Our second meet up was really FUN! We laughed a lot and she's such a humble person! 

Let me tell what happened here. This was after our photo session and there's this old man I'll name him (Mr. Goodman) came to her and asked how heavy her cam'ra was and he touched it hahaha he's sweet actually. 

Mr. Goodman tapped her and wish her the best! It was awesome watching them talking.  

On our way back and we already said goodbye to each other, she took a snap while i was walking hahaha I tell you what, you will never get bored once you experience the one on one session with her. She's sweet and smiles a lot! Visit her site if you want to experience what I've experienced!


  1. Thanks Joy! Was so great to meet you!! Here is a blog post just for you! :)

  2. Awesome photos! Looks like a lot of fun! :)


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