Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Capture Challenge 2013

 I'm so so so so excited to do this challenge again! I had my very first capture challenge last year but this year I will do more! I wanted to know how many people out there that loves to take pictures of their food! A lot of people that I know usually laugh at me (in a good way) because they know how much i love taking pictures of my food! I'm a FBI photographer! I facebook it, blog it, and instagram it! hahaha I want to share my favorite breakfast on earth!

- C O F F E E  and  B I S C O T T I

Yes! It's sooooo delicious! I actually love home made biscottissss! And starbucks biscooos! But for some reason, they got rid of my favorite one, The caramel macchiato! ahh sad face!

Yes I ate these yummm biscoooos! I love dipping it in my coffee. They smell so good too! I wish I had caramel. 

That's just about it folks! The challenge is pretty exciting! I'm expecting from you! Please please join me! don't forget to email me and of course I will credit your work!

Here's the challenge:

1. Take a picture of your favorite breakfast
2. Make sure you're in the picture! Show how much you love it!
3. Don't forget to write ---> for joy on a piece of paper
4. Be creative!
5. You can use any type of cameras! You can use your phone too!

Challenge will be up until Feb. 4, 2013 only. Hope to hear from you soon!!


Monday, January 28, 2013

Lazy monday 2013

What a FUN night! I love our bonding time. Newport mall isn't the best mall on earth but it has awesome memories for us. We went SHOPPING.. for our kitchen ahhh! We don't have enough pots. This husband isn't a type of person that likes to shop. He will only shop when it's needed. He doesn't like to go with the flow. He loves to plan everything. Sometimes I'm opposite. If there's a sale? I don't waste time. I will grab the opportunity hahaha. 

I asked him to smile. He tried but he has to yawn. While I was editing these images, I was laughing. He knows how to be silly. I love it when he does that. He can be an awesome clown and cute at the same time. He knows I love to take pictures before eating and he enjoys it now. "HE BE KNOWIN!!!"

He loves wasabi on his soysauce! Oh by the way, He requested to capture how he does his thing haha Step by step. My silly guy knows how to get along now. He enjoys taking picture of the food. He got use to it!

Of course here I was, my turn! I always order these particular nom noms! I love salmon! Mmmm.. It's soooo good! I love how they make the sushi rice! It's so soft & super tasty! Some people doesn't like the sushi in the mall. WE DO! And we called our night as our SHANDAROLL hahaha! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Home tour pt 1

Hello bloggers, viewers & readers =D I wish I can blog everyday! But It's so hard especially I'm a busy
wife, worshiper, napper, eater and a photographer! And It's a shame that I can only blog at night well
early in the morning.. Obviously, I'm still awake! My husband has been snoring and I'm here blogging. 
BAD GAL! hahaha Anyway.. I wanna share this video first before continuing. This made me laugh! I 
love this production! They make awesome short films! Every time I watch their new stuff, it's either I 
cry or laugh and cry with so much laughing! 

Going back to our tour... It's been rough & tough and I've been trying to finish organizing our flat & 
I still have more things to organize! But for now, let's begin our adventure at my living room/ kitchen.

Oh boy! Our space is really tiny! Everything that you see are well planned. Those shelvings are part of
it! About the design..we did a lot of BIY! (build it yourself) 

As you can see, I still have my chalk board and I had a perfect plan for it but it didn't work. Because of
our small space, the plan didn't go well. In my head, "Oh this board is perfect for our kitchen" but then
BOOM! I got no place to put it. So today, I decided, I will hang it close to the fridge. I will post it 
soon. I KNO I KNO! you see a lot of IKEA goodies! YES! WE love them! They're affordable and 
they got lots of sale stuff hahah. Like that cute basket, originally it was i think $39.99 & I got it for 
$17.99 It's 3 pieces by the way. I bought the bucket at marshalls! Oh how I love marshalls!

I put rice & stored some noodles & snacks there and lots of roasted seaweeds! YUM! Oh! why there's a 
tree branch there? I just love it there! It's my piece of art hahaha So how about the broom? It's made in 
BAGUIO CITY! We call it WALIS TAMBO! I love it! When I found it in the filipino market, I didn't 
hesitate to grab it! And I will keep purchasing it! This broom is awesome! You should all try it! haha

Going back to sale stuff? Some of them are from Ikea sale sections! $.25 each cup! 

shelvings left and right! And guest who put the microwave up in the sky? MY DEAR HUSBAND! 
hahahaha Everything's so high! I've been asking for a latter and still? I have none! 

And of course my husband build this hanger rack for me... Home depot is the place to be! Thumbs up!

Like I said, I will print thy wedding pictures! Here ya GO! 

Wednesday night, I attended a prayer worship service at Staten Island. It was actually awesome! I 
actually shared my experience to my worship team and we're going to consider the prayer worship 
service they did. AND guess what I got after the service? FREE GROCERIES!!!!! SCREAM! and 
what's awesome about the good news was, their service started around 7:30ish and it was my church's 
last day of fasting! Imagine? 21 days without sugar, 21 days without meat, no bread, and so on and so
forth? Ah! then having these goodies made me soooo happy! First of, I'm in charge of groceries! 
WOO HOO! FAVOR! hahahaha God is AMAZING! Thank you Jesus! He's such a great provider!

Our coffee/tea/sugar/cereal section! I bought those little boxes at michael's! I bought it for my 
husband's sister's party! Then I was like.. wait.. I have to store it somewhere. But then I had a quick 
idea & I asked my husband to hang it for me! And it looks great! 

I remember we had a huge kitchen island then we ended up having a super tiny one.. wow, yes, my 
husband measured everything in our flat before he purchased it. Yes I got random plates bowls & 
glass. Guess where I got them? IKEA sale section (wink).

Look at our tiny mini wini kitchen cabinet. Awww.. NOT! It's NOT cute! But I'm thankful! :)

Got these little jars from the dollar store! 

Have you all tried coffee with carnation evaporation on your coffee? mmmm.. oh so ziplicious! 

2 Cans and it almost filled the bottle haha. Well readers, viewers, lovers, believers, and so on and on,
see you all next time! HOME TOUR PART ii YEAAAH!!!! 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Wedding ideas

I've been wanting to share all my ideas but it's just hard to put things together especially my schedule is

super tight. But earlier today, I've decided HA! "I'm gonna do it!" I wish I had this on my wedding but
our budget can't handle it because of the amount of people we invited but I will also share my wedding
materials I used for my wedding SOON!

Doing a bow style is really too old school already. So I came up with this idea and I will show how to
roll it around the chair without using any pins.

These goodies are really cheap! I found the amazing bottle from the magical thrift store! $.25 each!
I wanted to use a real rose but since I don't have a budget to grab one at the store, I used my dried
rose. I love them! And the white crochet thread was only $2.95 & it's a baby soft thread!

And of course this net fabric, as you can see it's only $1.50 from IKEA sale section. I had a great deal!
But they're actually easy to find! You can find them at any fabric store!

The paper inside is a program. It looks more elegant to insert it than putting it on the chair.

Here's how to roll the fabric.

S T E P  1

S T E P 2

S T E P  3

S T E P  4

S T E P  5
make sure it's tight and really cover it and spread out the fabric a little bit. Scroll back to the top to see
the result that way you'll have more idea how it's done.

S T E P  6

More ideas soon! SEE YA!


Thursday was such a great day for me especially I had a great encounter with God. It's pretty exciting.
Maybe some of you doesn't know how much I've been struggling lately. About my leadership position
and to be honest, I've been wanting to stop & just be a worshiper. 

It's been tough lately. Being a worship leader felt like a burden to me. No it wasn't the pride. It was 
more on handeling myself. My patient is a problem. I have a BAD temper. Well that's what I've been 
dealing with to be honest. Yes it has something to do with me. I'M THE PROBLEM. These are the 
words I've been telling myself. I'm a BAD Gal. No I'm not a bad woman. I'm just a bad girl. 

So I told my husband, since I don't feel equipped enough to be a leader, might as well, QUIT. 
So I spoke to our new church coaches and they told me that this is the perfect time to say "I won't
quit" because in the first place, a leader should never quit especially when the storm is massive. They 
said I should push more. 

God spoke to me today. He told me to keep running and Get to the finish line. He said me & Him have
a long run to go. It's not over yet. He said I haven't even finish the half runner yet. Wheewshh.. That 
small voice. I heard Him when i was listening to the songs I was preparing for my worship team 
rehearsal at my flat. It's true.. God really enjoys worship. 

I had coffee with honey while listening to the songs. This honey is really delicious.

The rehearsal with my worship team women are WOW so amazing! We all had so much FUN with so
much laughs! I wish I had a chance to capture it. I CANNOT WAIT TO WORSHIP WITH THEM 
THIS COMING SUNDAY! I love my iWorship team!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I can't believe it's already January 16, 2013 and our last year's wedding was June 16th. We got 5 
months to go and it will be our first year anniversary! TIME DOES FLY! I wanna share my favorite
wedding pictures of us... And we wanna thank Emily August for capturing our important day. Feel 
free to visit her website at  

I'm so proud to say, I designed my own gown. I haven't pick up my sketch yet from my tailor's studio.
She did such an amazing job making them... By the way, these are the pictures we picked and I will
order prints and of course I will blog it! 

My tailor asked me to go with her to shop and pick the materials. She also suggested ideas how to 
make them look more stunning. And the most amazing part was, she sew this whole gown for free! 
AND she bought all the materials for free! YES SHE PAID FOR IT AND... it didn't end like that!
She and her husband brought to their favorite restaurant in manhattan and they treat me guess 

I didn't give my photographer a hard time to sit down and edit all these images. I told her I will edit 
them myself. I'm happy, we're very happy. The results are amazing! I will show you more of our 
wedding pictures soon! I know i said that since last year! But I've been very busy and can't prioritize
my own pictures :( haha Well see you on the next post! 

Monday, January 14, 2013


Our background music during our session!

Before our session

I didn't have assistants. I was holding my card reflector alone. I was her photographer and make up
artist too. But since my idea was more about her skin, I only put a little bit of powder here & there,
mascara and white eye shadow make up. And a pale lipstick to make it look like she has a dry lip.
This session was only a trial and it wasn't really well planned. I asked her if she don't mind if
I'll make her look weird. Of course she said YES.

This portrait I did today wasn't really a sexy portrait. It's about exposing your real color. It's about
expressing your mood and a portrait that's trying to speak out. Last night, I just realized my real target.
I had a chance to get to know me. I asked myself these questions: WHAT IS MY STYLE. WHO'S MY 

When I check out my myspace and checked all my old stuff, It was funny that I've changed my style
and I'm not the same as I use to be. The truth is, I started with self portraits. I had a small sony 
digital camera and I did a lot of photoshoppin. Today, it felt like I had a long sleep. Meaning, it took
a while for me to realize that I needed to wake up! I love weddings, I know business wise, you can 
make a lot of money but It's not in my heart. But of course like I said, I'm still willing to photograph
my friend's wedding. ONLY if they really really want to hire me. 

Out of focus but it's still a great photo :)

MEET my friend Bridget.. I hope I know how to spell her name haha.. I asked her if she'll model
for me. I'm planning a big set for her. I'm really excited! I've been looking forward to have a
 big photography session but it's so hard to put people together! I cannot wait! She already
 found people that will help us to make it happen!

At first, I was hesitating to post this particular image because I didn't want the fact that she's looking
somewhere. It wasn't her fault. I saw my little floss. My plan was just all about her & my lens. It's
either she's looking at her body or pointing her eyes to my lens. I wanted that idea because i wanted to
have connection with my client and i want my client to have a connection with my lens AND herself.

Since I started photography, i Always wanted my subject to open her or his mouth a little bit.
 It's simply because the mouth can speak even the mouth isn't moving. How? think about it,
when someone is pointing you without saying anything, or gave you a flying kiss, it means it's
 giving you a message even there's no words. I want my photograph to have life. I know I'm
 still sharpening everything.

But I am confident enough that my photographs are loud! They scream! That's one thing I want my
readers to know. You should be proud of your work. To all photographers out there, you need to make
your photograph speak. Tell them to scream. I was the same but I had to kill that kind of negativity.
I critic my stuff but also I flaunt them very well. I LOVE MY WORK!!!

My B&W flavah... <3

After our session! It was really fun!