Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I'm so so excited for our first year anniversary! Me and my husband our going on a road trip in few days! We're thinking of Cape Cod and other places. I've been preparing all the stuff I wanted to bring with us! I wanted it to look really special. Well you know, Mr. DIY needs to hop in. So today I got so inspired so I arranged these cute goodies! My friend lend these pink flowers to me and I used the green leafs and stems from a different flower arrangement.

I cannot believe it's been a year. The hurricane sandy was a huge trial for us but God has been so good and didn't left us alone but instead He blessed us more and used many people to bless us! YES we lost lots of our wedding memories, goodies, gifts and such but I have them all in my heart, Not because they're materials but I have them inside my heart because of the people who put their budget just give us weddings gifts. For me and my husband... God is always first. Our relationship with God is more important and we value it everyday and treasure it in our hearts. I'm so thankful I have an amazing husband and everyday I confess that I'm so bless to have him. Of course he's not a perfect husband but to me... God brought him in my life perfectly.

What made our home more beautiful is each other. I get so excited everyday when he gets home. I make him feel I haven't seen him in years. That's how much I value our day. To my dear husband, thank you for always taking care of me and thank you for loving me and accepting my floss and all. I love you with all of my heart and I pray that God will continue to interfere in your life. <3 nbsp="" p="">

I ended my afternoon with a special treat. Cold chocolate with whipped cream. So good! Have a blessed day to all!

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  1. why not update in so long Joy ! hope youre well :)


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