Saturday, February 23, 2013

Art is my heart


Just sharing my goodies! 

I literally stole this typewriter from my dad's junk sections haha He doesn't use it anymore.. So me and my husband grabbed it. Then when I got home, I called my sister and told him my little sin. Well dad knows I love his extra junks! I'm a junk shopper too! Dad found out hahaha and glad he didn't care. How I love thee daddy! 

Me and my coffee, oh so happy clappy!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our valentine continuation

Finally, I had a chance to finish all my images.. As I promised, I will continue posting what I started here

My idea worked well most especially for my husband because most of our money was spent for our first car. It was worth it but our first plan was just to go out and eat, have dinner but I told my husband that I wanted something different this year. See, my husband is artistic in a different way but I'm more on practical way, like you know.. I love putting efforts and working creating building stuff. At least something that is really enjoyable to do. Believe it or not, we spent $50 for our dinner & some extra groceries because we already ran out of important goodies. But still, if we went out to eat, we're prolly going to spend the same amount but yet, no extra food to eat for the next few days.

This was my quick plan. We couldn't think of any appetizers so what I did, I started digging in our grocery cabinet and boom I found tunas!!! So I checked the fridge and see what we have. I called my husband when he was at worked and shared to him about what popped in my mind. We didn't have tomatoes, crackers and cucumbers so I asked my husband if we can get them yummy grubs!

Our Appetizer ingredients:

Cucumbers, tomatoes, crackers, tuna, mayonaise, salt & pepper.

Our Pasta recipes:

Shrimps, little scallops, spaghetti pasta, red bell pepper, garlics, spinach, coconut sauce, & one last ingredients that I cannot spill yet :)

We cooked together! That's when the fun really happened. He cut the ingredients and saute it and boiled the pasta & I did the mixing and tasting. I put the coconut sauce & my secret ingredient.

I decorated the plate, cut the lemon and basically did my best to be really artistic that night haha. I hope it doesn't look funny.

Our drinks was very simple and cheap! We had this awesome filipino mango juice and it was stinkingly happy clappy tasty!

My decorations are very simple. I didn't want to over decorate our flat but it came out so clean and really classy at the same time!

Oh, I added cilantro on our tuna and it tasted sooooooo YUM NOM!

My handsome man... This pose is more than adorable...

So before we ate our dessert, we wrote each other a letter. I designed these cards and it even have meaningful. I told him to pick the twine that's on the left side because when we got married, he was standing left side facing the altar and of course I was on the right.

Oh yes, we wrote the letter on our table. We did it spontaneously! When I was reading his letter, I couldn't help it but smiled. He really touched my heart.

This is his idea. SHORT CAKE aaaah I loved it STRAWBERRY Much!!! The ingredients was pretty simple. We had frozen strawberries & whipped cream!

I had to take another snap just to show you how good this dessert was hahaha

Our night was full of JOY! I am more than blessed... couldn't ask for more. I thank God for all the blessings and love He shared to me since birth. I know one thing for sure when I was in my stormy days, God has been there loving me each day and truly filled me with more than gallons of Love. Then after years of waiting, here I am, God allowed me to meet my dream, and be married to my loving and kind husband.

Then yesterday, I took pictures of the stuff we used that night using the natural light. THE WINDOW POWER!

I hope you enjoyed your valentines day too! I cannot wait til next year!


WOW WOW WOW! My sister is soooo beautiful! This was when she picked up her baby! MY NEPHEW!!! For the first time, me and my husband had a chance to babysit him! I will tell you more about it soon!



Saturday, February 16, 2013

SNEAKPEAKABOO:You've been portraited III

I had so much much fun photographing my little flower girl's face earlier at our flat. Our session was just a simple test. I cannot wait to work with her soon. I'm planning a big project ehem.. well I've been planning a big project but still can't do it because I'm in real need! I need HELP! But I'm still believing it will happen and I cannot wait I'm so excited about it!

Friday, February 15, 2013


It is 6:49 am and I'm still awake. I'm actually frustrated and really angry because my macbookpro has been acting up. I couldn't finish editing the pictures. :( Since it stopped working, this is all I can show you for now. I know I'm too early for this but I've been up and can't sleep trying to figure out what happened to my laptop. I had to delete my photoshop and reinstall it but it's still ill. It keeps freezing. So when I reinstalled it, it worked for a bit then until it froze for few minutes until i had to hit the power button and shut it down completely. For some reason, the laptop started with folder that has question mark. So I shut it down on and off and on and off.. and on and OFF. I didn't stop until this laptop started. Ha.. for some reason it started! Thanks to my awesome finger for pressing the button on and on and off and on and off :/  

Anyway, I had fun with my date. Our first plan was to go out to eat but since our money is really limited, I suggested to my husband to just stay home and cook together. He loved the idea. So we planned our Drinks, Appetizer, Entree & dessert. I will share the recipes later.

I love DIY and I'm sure some of my awesome readers knew that. This download this template and manipulated the wordings. I changed it to "keep calm and love me" then good thing I have extra crafty goodies. Whewsh.. So the purpose of this card is for us to write each other a letter. More stories later.

So here's our awesome entree. Seafood pasta with coconut cream sauce. It's really good! and we have secret ingredients but we will spill it maybe later?

Our table set up. It's very simple. I wanted to make it look elegant and crafty as well.. I will tell you more what drinks we prepared, the appetizer and dessert. Hope you enjoyed the sneakpeakaboo and I hope you all had an amazing love day! Remember, love day isn't just for Feb. 14th. To me, LOVE is my everyday prescription. CIAO!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our happy slappy honeymoon

I am sooooo excited to share to you our adventures in Miami last year! Our honeymoon was awesome. First of all, we want to thank our awesome church friends and everybody that got involved to make this honeymoon really sweet. We're so blessed! It's been almost a year but the sweet memory felt like it happened so FAST. So here we go! And woah! Tomorrow is our heart day and I'm too excited to share what we're gonna do. Right now, we're really in a tight budget but I thought of something really practical and at the same time FUN! I'm too anxious but I cannot spill the milk yet! So for now please have a happy clappy reading/viewing.

I have a lot to show! But since I found this memory card first, I prefer to share my stuff backwards hahah yes! I'm a very random person. When we woke up, we found this awesome treat at the lobby! Dried banana with random nuts and such! I wanted to take them with me! ALL OF IT! I'm not making this up, but these little snacks are so happilicious! By the way, CONRAD HOTEL is beautiful! I love the people! I love their service!It's always clean! It's just very expensive haha

When I saw this particular picture, I remembered the taste of it haha I am not KIDDING! I almost forgot to mention that I used my Nikon D5000 and I can't believe how this little dude can make awesome stories!

I believe this was our second day at miami. And my husband and I decided to explore but of course before that, we ate first and oh my! The thai restaurant we went to was really YUMMILISH! The thai tea was amazing too!

Sorry about the angle! I was too hungry and was ready to eat! LOL

Oh my word! I cannot forget that day when this dude yelled at me saying "NO PICTURES! DIDN'T YOUR READ THE POST?" hahahah I just laughed at him i was like "Oh never heard of that?I hope you didn't steal them" That's why the angle was bad lol I was teasing him and he still got mad. Sometimes, It felt like America doesn't have freedom at all. I love this country but it's getting scary lately. Freedom of speech is being taken away then now freedom of taking pictures? hahaha Oh it was a gallon of GAS!

If this place is a food I'll be like, I'll eat them all! Why? cause it's so colorful!

Believe it or not, most of these goodies are from the philippines. Some are from bahamas.

These are from the philippines too. It made me miss it! I really want to go and visit! AND YES IT'S HAPPENING! I'M READY FOR IT! MY HUSBAND IS GOING WITH ME! SCREAMMMM!

Eeeeeeek! scary! I will not buy this one at all! LOOK AT THE PRICE? hahahah

Oh how i heart these colors! and aaah it's sooo beautiful!

Thanks to our awesome tripod! hahah

I told me husband, I wish we had a chance to have a date here :(

Since we can't, we just took a picture of us ...

A BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY HUSBAND! thank you for these pictures!

My Happy jumpy cutie husband!

Back to our hotel and was getting ready for our date night to see the view of miami!

I was like, i thought I was in NEW YORK!

My date was looking at the menu and we're like WOW the prices! haha

Googeling some stuff for our next trip.

This fish was screaming!

We didn't leave without tasting this yummy chocolate cake! 

And of course we ended our night that night with lots of KISSES! I hope you all will have a happy kissy busy lovely clappy valentines day! I cannot wait to date my ex boyfriend. YES my ex! He broke up with me and married me instead haha... Oh WAIT!


 Speaking of kisses! Here's snow white giving my husband a smoochy! Full story soon!