Monday, April 29, 2013


Our sweetest day! Rainy but blessed day. I'm so thankful I get to celebrate my sister's birthday today and even though i was too tired, spending time with these two was worth it. April 30 is my sister's birthday but we celebrated early because my tuesday will be very occupied with many jobs I have to finish. What can I say.. I am truly blessed to have a sister and a nephew! 

My dearest Lhevronn isn't hard to please when it comes to taking photos. It's easy to make him smile and laugh! My tiredness went away. The awesome part was, he's been talking a lot! Yes! We had an awesome conversation! His words: "Da da da da da Da da" All day long! aaah! 

We started our day with full of sweetness!

The only thing I'm not really happy about is my nephews stroller as you can see, bevs has to cover him with lots of blankies. It's really not comfortable for him but I thought about me & bevs when we were so little. We didn't have one except the filipino cribs. But we're still thankful for everything. When my nephew gets big, he will learn to appreciate things because we will teach him how to be contented. Oh how I love my nephew.

So to end this blog, here's this deliciousness strawberry banana kebab. SO GOOD! We shared because it's too pricey haha I wish I can give her more! Anyway, i hope you enjoy our little story! Blog with you again later! 

Friday, April 26, 2013


January 1, 2013 New Years and my husband wrote our 2013 declaration and meeting Christine was one of it! First my husband declared an FJ Cruiser and YES we got our first car this year! And April 22, 2013 I finally met Christine! I was so excited! The story was, I found out on her Facebook site that she's going to NYC. My eyes went from small to big! It was insane! So I fall down on my knees and ask God if this is it! And if this is my opportunity. So I decided to personal message her on Facebook It was march 6, 2013 to be exact hahaha.. And she replied the next day! My heart beat was drumming hahahah but weeks passed by and we haven't settled things out yet and I message her assistant and some how I didn't get the assistant's message but she forwarded me the message and I don't why I didn't get it. So I got worried and prayed. And again, I message Christine April 11th and replied the same day and confirmed our meet up! 

The assistant told me that she can only do 3 hours. To make the story short, we finally did our one on one session and i learned a lot and discovered so many things from her. The session was worth it! And after our 3 hour session, she told me we can meet up again. I couldn't even describe my feet. They were dancing inside lol

When I found out that she's only using lightroom  I was blown away. I couldn't believe it. So after our session, I started playing around with the lightroom and I was so surprised how much lightroom can do and I didn't even open my CS6. It made my photography life easier than ever. 

After our first session, she message me that she will photograph me as a gift! Our second meet up was really FUN! We laughed a lot and she's such a humble person! 

Let me tell what happened here. This was after our photo session and there's this old man I'll name him (Mr. Goodman) came to her and asked how heavy her cam'ra was and he touched it hahaha he's sweet actually. 

Mr. Goodman tapped her and wish her the best! It was awesome watching them talking.  

On our way back and we already said goodbye to each other, she took a snap while i was walking hahaha I tell you what, you will never get bored once you experience the one on one session with her. She's sweet and smiles a lot! Visit her site if you want to experience what I've experienced!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tyler & Gina Proposal/Engagement

My busyness kept me from posting these awesome images I did last week! This is my very first proposal and engagement photo shoot at the city! Tyler hired me to spy on them hahaha Not really. I was just told to pretend that I don't know him and take pictures once he started proposing. But wheewsh! It wasn't easy! I was nervous! But I actually awarded myself for acting very well. But let me tell you to how I recognized Tyler. YES HE WAS SOMEONE THAT I'VE MET BEFORE! I met him at chicago through friends! He's a pastor! Tyler is such a kind guy and very calm and of course professional. At first, Pastor Johunt recommended him to me. Pastor Johunt is a good friend of my Pastor. When Pastor Johunt mentioned his name, I was like "wait a sec, that name sounds familiar" Then I asked if he was from texas. It was funny that i forgot where i saw Tyler lol So i got it wrong on that part. So when Tyler & Gina was already at the park, he sent me her picture so that I'll recognize her and then he sent me a picture of him & her and my jaw dropped hahaha "I KNEW IT!" I knew i was talking to a person I've seen before! Oh I almost forgot to mention my friends from kentucky! The rich family knows him. What a small world! So finally they arrived to the place we've talked about and finally everything happened so smoothly and it was soooo beautiful! When I met Gina, I thought she was super sweet! I really love her personality already. I love looking at these images! It's the sweetest engagement pictures I've done so far! 

I want to give a credit to my awesome husband who helped me to make this happen! He's so supportive and threw out lots and lots of ideas! I love you husband! THANK YOU! Anyway brace yourself. I have a lot to show! :D 

Taking a picture of people in the middle of traffic has been a dream to me! Even before my wedding, I requested to have photos during the stop light and kiss my husband in the middle of traffic. Too sad It never happened :( It actually broke my heart. But then it was a relief when I get to make my clients kiss in the middle to where the people cross the street. IT WAS THE BEST FEELING EVER! I wish I could have done it better or used my wide lens but I didn't have time to change my lens because I thought I couldn't do it. I thought it wasn't possible but it still worked!

Well that's all folks! I got another engagement session again at the city soon! I'm so excited! Hope you enjoyed them images!