Saturday, August 20, 2011

Au bon day

Au bon Pain is one of my favorite coffee/bakery shop in jersey. It's clean and well basically,
what I love about this shop are the colors,ambience, & ofcourse their awesome cupcakes
& bread and oh their soup! 

It's so delish! and what so cool was? we all "heart" coffee. 
I'm the only one that drinks decaf.I kno I kno boring! but I have to. 
Regular coffee gives me a lot of chest pain especially at night. It's frustrating!

I want to introduce my coffee gang mates...

Abby - nathan's sister
Nathan - Abby's brother & my boyfriend/bestfriend
Raphael Donde - Abby's boyfriend

Please enjoy the rest of the pictures! Til next time! I know I only have 2 followers but 
It's always fun writing! I'm enjoying the blog even I don't see any bloggers around here haha

Later readers! 

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