Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yea noms again

I know i know i know i know! I love showing off what I eat! Most of my friends are not surprise about this anymore but today... my house is so bright and I love taking advantage of the lighting. The colors popped and the yumminess of the pancake shined like a diamond hahah I woke up today with a bad dream. I hate nightmares. But it's because i watched the rise of the guardian last night =D Oh it brought me back to my childhood life! But Yesterday was also our beautiful day. Me and my husband had a special visitor and he's a an army but a humble kind of army. He blessed us yesterday and handed us $0000.00 gotta keep it anonymous. I was very surprised and it was really unexpected! We love that guy so much and I remember last year he told me he wants to help my photography business. I've been praying soooo hard for a full frame cam'ra. 

It just happened that he was very busy. So this year, well yesterday, he came to visit and reminded me about his promised last year. I was so shocked and couldn't even express myself and I couldn't even react. Me and my husband can't stop praising God. And to add more chapter.. Like i said, Me and my supportive husband had 2013 declaration and everything that we wrote is happening right now! We finally got our first car. My husband declared the FJCRUISER! And HE'S BEEN DRIVING IT FOR FEW MONTHS NOW! I declared that I'm going to meet my favorite photographer this year and it's going to happen this APRIL! That's the power of faith and declaration! Matthew 21:22 GOD'S PROMISES ARE TRUE! 

So back to my precious food lol ... first of all, I'm thankful that I have something to eat. When I was in the philippines, me & my family shares food all the time because we're in a very tight budget. We have support here and there but it wasn't enough for us to survive. My parents had to work really hard for us to eat. So thank God for this precious pancake! I'm praying for the hungry people. I wish one day i'll be able to share food to people again. My next declaration is to be able to visit my country and share the goodness of God over there. 

Oh how I love the IKEA strawberry jam! It's not too sweet but the flavor is to crave for!

hahaha I took a bite already while taking a picture! I can't help it! Cause I love the pancake when it's really hot! oh by the way, I don't put syrup because I don't like any syrups! Call me weird but syrup isn't my favorite flavor :( I grew up eating pancakes that are already sweet and pancakes without syrup. I guess it's cause I came from a poor family. We didn't get to taste the real pancake but the old filipino traditional pancake only where we put sugar or we pour some condense milk! It's soooo good!

Mmmmm! look at the sexiness of this pancake! And the condense milk mmmm.... tastelicious! I hope you are having fun today and your day is as beautiful as mine! May our God bless you with many many many love!!!

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