Thursday, March 17, 2011

splash attack I'm back!

What is going on mates! hahah splash attack is back! I've been trying so hard to get my stuff to look better... I'm still not satisfied I tell you that.. haha I gotta love what I have... my d5000 is still not giving up on me. My warranty is over & it seems like my bad boy is getting old & it needs to get fixed :( but I'm thankful he stayed faithful ;) he's still breathing people!

A lot of people are asking what program/tools/gear I've been using.

Here they are:

wide angle nikkor 24-120mm

These pix, I only use my 50mm. I'm using the old version. I'm so inlove with manual lens.So, people are also asking If I can make a tutorial... I am actually thinking about it.. Not so sure. hahah ;)

Ha! laitah!


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