Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sunset I cannot forget

Hello people... welcome to this world of mine lol I'm just glad I found all these pictures in my memory card. Sad to say but my external drive is broken & someone is nursing him right now. Hopefully the com-tech will be able to restore my files (cross-fingers)

Feelin happy- wow, I only have few words to say & this image is really breath-taking. I enjoyed the sunset. The most amazing thing was, I was with my loving boyfriend...

heading to IKEA- before I jumped in the jeep, I thought I should shoot this moment & it turned out fancy.

YEA RIGHT! we're completely opposite. He only shop for specific stuff he needed. He wanted to get tubs for his clothes & a bookshelves.

meet my sunshine... he's always in action hahaha food is his best budd ^^,

We ate before going around IKEA. Their food is just sooo yummylish! We can eat there forever haha

so here we go... I designed his room. I found the hangin light at Ikea's sales area & it was only $7, the curtain- $6 each Basically, I picked everything for him hahaha he almost changed his mind about the curtains cuz he thinks it won't fit in his room. I know exactly what fits his room. And I proved it to him.
Oh by the way, the vase was his brother's design & the painting, ofcourse, my nathanael is an artist & he painted this i think he said he was in highschool...

I even organized his books LOL glad I get to help him. Oh you know the story about this shelves? we argued about the colors. I told him, he needs white in his room cuz first,

1. His room is tiny/small
2. His room is dark
3. White is very attractive & clean

and wow! it took a lot of convincing. BUT EY! again, I won! hahaha and he saw the great result.

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