Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mr. Canon

so today, I get to hang out with Emily & her fiance again. But today was a little
different. I get to hang and get to know emily's cam'ra.. Mr. Canon. Well, I wasn't 
trying to betray my Mr. Nikon but lately, I just realized, It's not about the gear.
It's about friendship :) Today was about friendship yea! Emily (the owner of mr. Mark II)
is going to lend me her goodies to use for her wedding. I WILL SHOOT HER WED!
I'm excited! Well, back to Mr. Mark II.. I didn't even realized that I wasn't 
using raw.. awww :( haha but it's ok, It was an awesome adventure! Actually, 
she had to help me get to know it LOL I haven't use canon in a while! and
Mark is in another level. My Nikon, I would say, He's very friendly. Well I'm not 
trying to sabotage anything but Nikon is a lot easier to use because it's not 
that complicated. Oh well I guess it's probably because I'm just use to and don't 
get me wrong, I had fun hangin out with mr. Mark! So here's the sample images.
I hope I did good! The exposure was a little HOT. It was obvious that I need a second
try out hahah Please forgive my shots! I will get better! and If it was in raw
I know I can always change the set up and I forgot to mention.. sometimes I like 
to boost out the exposure. No reason! haha it was just a habit! Emily's wide lens 
has distortion but sometimes, I quite like it =) I'm not here to critic anything. 
and that's not me! To me, As long as you are happy with your shots and most especially 
if the client is happy slappy then everybody's jumpy =) Alright, have a splashy viewing!

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  1. Awesome job, Joy! I love seeing my little family through your lens... which his my lens! So cool!!


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