Saturday, February 25, 2012


Oh yes, Another day... whewsh! what a tiring day! Ok so, here I am sharing you
these s'moresilicious goodies I made last night for the youth. It was too
chocolaty and it wasn't crunchy last night.. I was too busy working and I didn't have
 time to make it early,no time to purchase a lollipop stick, and so I had a quick idea! I saw
 this heavenly pretzel  and yea walaah shaka.. It solved my problem! But earlier today
I was ready for my angelic breakfast  and i saw these yummyness, I was starring 
at it.. I was like oh wow.. I made too much s'mores but good thing I did because if not,
 I wouldn't be able to taste it today, wow! everything happens for a reason! it was meant for me
my beautiful tummay! lol but here they are..enjoy my very own s'moresilicious!

My inspiration here? my upcoming wedding... I was really thinking about it today.
It's the only way for me to avoid the stress.. Trust me, it's a beautiful thing...

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