Tuesday, May 22, 2012

@ Emily's Wedding

What a beautiful day that day! It rained and it was cold but everything turned out
smooth for all of us! 
 ahhhh my lovely hotel room! I so cannot forget that night I stayed there! I took
advantage of my vacation & snapped a lot of pictures! OH THAT BED! so comfty!
Thanks to the beautiful bride (now a wife) for this room! 
Woke up that morning... my fiance came to help me get organized and there you go... 
IT SAYS IT ALL! =) gotta love him for it! 
 So, my fiance was on his way to get me a breakfast.. he saw this cleaning lady with 
those craspedia billy balls & he went back to my hotel and ask me to get out and 
showed me the best morning! The lady asked if i liked them so yes! WE BOUGHT
THEM! she asked for 5 dollars though hahaha! My fiance goes " Babe..that's a sign"
 I had a great breakfast with my morning... and he treated me took care of me so well...
By the way.. the hotel breakfast wasn't enough for us cause they only served a small
breakfast :( 
My fiance owned my nikon that day lol He's my second plus assistant & here I was!
Playing with 2 great Mr. Mark ii & Mr. Mark iii.. Emily & Chris made me
play their babies! THANKS TO BOTH OF YOU! I was actually worried that day...
I treat my d5000 like it is my first baby because it is really my very first nikon!
But it seems like my baby & my another baby get along well!
@ the reception enjoying our meals!



My lovely fiance, my best friend, my helper... Thank you babe for all the effort. You know I love
you mucho!

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