Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday... It was time for me to celebrate. Finally, I'm done with yucky medication.
I've been very sick. I got a respiratory infection. Thank God I feel better now! 
Last night, me & my fiancé went to the laundry shop and right next to the shop, there's
a grocery store. I love these flowers and he bought it for me. So today, I get to enjoy
my cereal day...  I love our new flat. It's so peaceful and bright! 
Our couch was only $100. We got it from craigslist. We bought it from pretty cool couples.
It seems like they really took care of the couch. It's pretty affordable! I was happy when it finally
arrived! It's really comfortable. Everything is turning great. Everyday is getting exciting!
We're still working on decorating our first place... We're still not done organizing them
because we don't have shelves yet to put away some of our goodies! But we're working
on it and we're still praying for more blessings to come! WE'RE NOT COMPLAINING!
God is so so good! I know it's just materials but I believe that He's such a great provider!
He knows exactly what we need! 
I love raisin cereal even though milk isn't good for me but it's difficult to eat cereals 
without milk right? Oh well.. I don't eat them everyday anyway. 

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