Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My wedding part II

Hello!!! So good I'm here blogging again... Whewsh! it took a while because my schedule
isn't easy! I still have lots of pictures I have to dig! Ahhh! And OH! It wasn't easy editing these
images! I use my own actions but I still don't have MR. EGO BOLT'S SPEED! lol Please
Enjoy exploring! 

Photography: www.emilyaugust.com 

Meet Granny Dorothy Langston! She's such an inspiration! She can sing, she can play ah! 

MY TWO AMAZING DANCERS! I heard they did a great job according to my guests! How
I wish I had a chance to see it :( But i had to hide! waaaah! I watched a video but it wasn't 
complete.. (I wish I had a videographer) It was just really not in my budget anymore. 
My dad recorded some good parts too except the beginning.

THE LANGSTONERZ! (the brothers) 

Meet SHILOH! According to my photographer, this pose was his idea hahah he's so 
creative in many ways (weird ways & adorable ways) 

LONG LIVE THE QUEEN! Thank God for this woman of GOD! She did all she can to make my 
wedding all organized and I can't thank her enough for all the HUGE help! 

BEHOLD!  GRANPA ROBERT!!!! Such a cool granpa! He's loving his outfit haha 
SUCH A TALENTED PERSON! He said I'm his favorite grand daughter in law? is that right? 
oh man! I hope I didn't mess that up! hahahah 

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