Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's time to change

Haven't blog in a while... but hello there bloggers! My head has been in the B&W mood
since after working. So I decided to make a quick snap and here you go. Just sharing about
how I really feel about my Nikon d5000 & 50mm 1.8 that I own for like 3 years straight. 
While snappin these images, I was talking to myself and trying to be positive about the HUGE
jump that I'll be doing. My d5000 stayed so faithful to me and when that lil dude got sick, I 
had to really literally lay my hands on that little thing to pray for it.

For some reason.. when I use my friend's memory card, something popped up saying,
"cannot format memory card. Card may be defective." Then I restarted my cam'ra. I
do remember that even that cam'ra doesn't have memory card, it still can take pictures. 
But since that thing popped, even I don't put memory card, that thing still kept poppin. 

One time I had a maternity session, and this poor dude went crazy. That thing kept poppin over 
and over and over. It won't even let me shoot even if I put the memory card. That's when 
I've decided to pray. I asked God for his help. I tried calling my photographer mates, but
couldn't contact them. I called my husband and told him about what's going on. And he told me 
to pray, ask God for a miracle. I did what he said. To be honest I panic and even cried because
I had 1 hour left! But after praying.. 30 minutes before the session,
BOOM! It started working. I'm so thankful.. God showed me that He can help even in the last last 
minute! I'm just that thankful really.

Anyway... me and my d5000 had a great experience together. I'm really grateful. But then, since
I am ready for the next step. I wanted to take my photography seriously, I had to make a decision
and replace it. I'm gonna have to say goodbye to that thing soon. I'm still here waiting until I 
get the replacement. Right now I'm like blank. As much as I want to stay on Nikon... 
They can't pleased me when it comes to pricing :( I'm so sad really but then I have to be wise.
Today... I've decided, I'm going for mark ii. It's so funny that when I made that decision.. 

I went to check BandH web..I saw that mark ii is on sale until sept. 29th. I only have $1100 
on my pocket. I've been saving since my birthday. But I'm trying to keep my faith stronger. 

I don't want to stress anybody or even my husband but i think I already did. Money isn't a joke. 
BUT I know I have a great GOD, my great provider. 

So why mark ii? I've been wanting to have a full frame cam'ra and I thought the new D600 was like
the answered prayer but the reviews are really bad. I have upcoming weddings and it's just things are 
going bad right now. The truth is, I'm very upset. Should I give up? Do I need to keep going? Wait,
and decide later? But my heart knows, I know I can make it happen. My faith can make it happen.

ah.. I will let you know. Please help me pray! I will appreciate it so much!


  1. Hey, Joy! He knows the desires of you heart; cast your cares on Him for He cares for you! In the past few years I've known you, your faith has ALWAYS been inspirational to me. I know that if you let God guide you to the right camera, He will provide the means for you to have it. Take heart, girl, God is in control! <3

    1. awww thank you heather! I needed encouragement! THANK YOU! and yes I believe it! Glad you spend time to read my blog! THANK YOU!


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