Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Starting over part

Let me start this by saying... "Thank God" for everything. This new chapter our lives is really exciting.
Like what my husband said, Sandy storm was our first trial together. What made this season awesome 
is... we will have our very first Christmas in our own home together! I'll be decorating a lot of DIY 
goodies. First of all, we couldn't make this without God's grace and with the help of other people. We
are truly truly deeply thankful. 

What can I say.. this man is really grumpy but still I'm thankful for all the hard work he did to make
me happy. His floss is a little annoying but his dedication is pure. Why am I saying negative stuff 
about this dude? It's cause he's not perfect and so am I. But God put us together perfectly. 

Oh man.. my husband said I'm his best friend but Joel is also his best cool awesome friend. It's so easy
to count on him. Just one call, "HE BE KNOWIN" haha We have a secret code name but sshhh......
Also the other day.. Graham our new friend from upstate New York was also a massive help! He
painted our whole apartment. He told us how much he wanted to bless us. He really did blessed us! 

We got this goody for only $20. I was supposed to use this as our coffee table but I'm still thinking
about it. Because I found a better replacement! Will tell you about it in a few.

I love IKEA! I'm sure I'm not the only one but these hangers are my favorite! It's only $.99 4 pieces. 

Oh this one is my favorite too! I love love the colors! I bought this at the sale section for only $2.00.
We have to go back to IKEA and buy hooks!  

I've been eyeing this bad boy since I met Mr. IKEA. I love how they displayed these buckets at the 
lighting section where they put lots of bulbs inside! It's amazing! But I have a different idea!

Of course here comes ME! Snappin & snappin. I love our new wardrobe! 

Why white curtains and didn't have color contrast? It's just because I heart bright things! I remember 
what me and Graham talked about heaven. He thinks heaven is colorful. I told him my faith said, It's
bright up there haha. My husband chose these curtains! I guess he's loving the bright side! hahaha.

We used to have a HUGE kitchen island but since our flat is so tiny, we had to measure everything. It
was very challenging. About the fridge.. the flat owner didn't provide the fridge but it seems like 
everything was well planned! Miguel & Ivy (our awesome amigo & amiga!) donated this fridge. We 
are THANKFUL & GRATEFUL! You guys rawked our mohawks! 

AHHH! sorry soooo messy! we're still working on everything! About this awesome box, I went to
marshalls and I was checking out if there's sale stuff. BOOM I found this thang! DANG! That time,
my husband was in lowes and by the time i saw this thang, he called me and I got so excited because
before we left the house, I was just browsing looking around for this box at pinterest. I remember few
months ago, I combined me and my husband's style and the result of my calculation was RUSTIC!
He loves wood, classic look & I love bright things! White couch, gray and yellow. Oh wait, I love pink
too! Ivory & wait, I love colorful stuff but usually anything that has soothing color, I love it!
EXCEPT RED. I know I know! I'm being a hater. Not really, but I just can't prefer it to my house.

That's why you will not find any red Christmas goodies around my flat. :( So sorry to hurt people's
feelings! It's just not my taste! But I can accept red like for example, clothing, purse anything about
fashions I don't care. Just not for my home :) WELL SEE YOU AGAIN... FOLKS!!! I will keep
updating/blogging about our new home! For now, have a clappy NIGHT!

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