Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Craving for some cuban noms

Another awesome day sunday last week with Abby & Raphael and of course with my husband!
We went to this awesome cuban restaurant and the NOMS are just mmmm..LICIOUS!

4 days ago, they got engaged! We had an event that night when she texted me. After the event, I saw 
her text and I screamed like a pig! I was out of words! I left her a voicemail saying congratulations. 
But not really, all I did was scream! Then the next morning she told me about it and she thought it was
really funny! Abby was my bridesmaid and her fiance Raphael was my husband's groomsmen. She was
a truly dedicated bridesmaid and helped me driving around shopping around and even bought me some
stuff that I needed to wear on my big day. 

Anyway, again, CONGRATULATIONS TO MY SISTER ABBY (my husband's sister) AND TO 
RAPHAEL! I cannot wait for your BIG DAY! Ahhhh! SCREAM!

Back to the NOMS.... ahhh This was the most delicious sweet banana in the whole wide world! 

The most delicious guava and cheese empanada in the whole wide world!

WOOOO! The beef, the way they cooked it with lots of onions.. sooooo good! I didn't order it. It's 
my husband's meal lol I had to grab a bite! 

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