Friday, May 3, 2013


I cannot believe how long it took before I posted these images. It's been two years already! If it's not because of what i learned recently on how to organize my external hard drive, I will probably not find these amazing portraits i took. And guess what? I used to shoot JPEG yes! These images are JPEG straight! And I used my Nikon d5000 and my lens was nikkor 50mm 1.8 - ummm the old 50mm version. And today while i was organizing my files, i realized these aren't just the images i have that's been locked up in my hard drive. Unbelievable! 

So I wanted to share to you my adopted little sister, her name is brooklynn and here's some of her portraits and the location was at upstate new york and I cannot describe how pretty it was over there! And this location was like few steps away from the house my husband's grandpa rented. We're all there having fun and i asked brooklynn if she can dress up for a quick session. 

And of course I asked her little brother Shiloh to hop in hahaha so cute!

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