Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don't hate when I create

Tears- is it real? Ans: No. I used photoshop to paint it...
Eye shadows-is it real? Ans: No.
Make up on the cheek- is it real? Yes.

hahaha don't be scared... I don't have mental problem. I just want to express myself & show you that I have energy and power to cast out my enemies! and my... ummm insecurities.

This image has something to do with my everyday battle. I've learned not to look for what I can see but look for what I can't see. -Faith & Seeking- That's what I do everyday. Don't get me wrong, It is not easy. Sometimes I have to swallow the pain & pretend nothing happened. I have to enjoy what I don't really enjoy, turn around & leave or sacrifice what I want.

I like being just as Joy Salera but I feel like sometimes, I'm a different person. Especially when I raise my hands, close my eyes & Just meditate with God.

But as soon as I touch my cam'ra, BOOM! haha here comes JOY SALERA AND HER CAM'RA!

Self-portrait : Joy Salera
loves God
loves her boyfriend Nathanael Langston
loves her Family
loves her church
loves music
loves to eat
loves coffee & tea

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