Tuesday, February 15, 2011

photo manipulation

hello mates! Here's a lil meal I would love to put on your plates... meet my lil Kentucky brother! JOSH! he's a youth pastor of one20culture at the living word church. Ok so, I've decided to manipulate his picture cuz I know he's been wanting to see his cool pix haha I hope I'll make him happy tonight!

I took this pic and yea It wasn't the best bcuz I've never use studio lightings when I shoot. Carmel Rich -Josh's mom (I call her mama carmel) lend me her mad rad canon & studio gear & oh my! I got addicted & wanted to learn everything hahaha I usually do outdoor shots. I have so much things to catch up when it comes to photography & so as photoshop but I'm getting there... I'm very patient learning about new things. YES I'm a photoshop FREAK!

so please enjoy this picture & see the before & after image :)


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