Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spring/Summer preparation

Why do I write my blog so late? lol I'm so ready for a big change (fashion talk) I like new stuff as always, but for some reason, my taste changed a little bit... :/ I used to put a lotta accessories. (necklace,huge ring,earrings etc.) But at the mall, when I was looking around, I've soo much accessories & it started hurting my eyes. haha Well maybe cuz winter was a long season & I can't use too much stuff on my body but coats & scarf. (boring)

but I think this outfit i tried on, my cam'ra is the best stuff to add on this style. Ok so, the boots I was wearing is mine & so as the pants. I love white t-shirts. Well I guess I just love white in everything (COL)

The question is : Did I purchase them? the answer is: NO. hahah vest was $21.99 not bad t-shirt $6.00. The problem was, the vest is large UGH! i hate it every time I want something and I see the "L" word. I mean ehem, I'm not trying to make other women feel bad (it's not the weight/size) This always happen to me and this vest was the last one & the store said, they don't repeat their clothes. There's always different style that comes out. GRRRR!

I almost bought cuz I thought about the taylor I knew (Uniris) She's really good! but, I'm afraid my boyfriend will complain hahah (he rather spend the money to buy food) which is cool ;) I've learned so much from him. He trained me very well!But sometimes he's too much (bahaha) ^_^v peace boyfriend.

OMAHGAWSH! I've been looking for this shoes! I FOUND IT! I like the color (dark brown) but I prefer either black or (dark blue) But to be honest, this shoes isn't comfortable. The front is really tight & hard LOL but they sure look mad mean! $21.00 Amazing price!

They have black! this is the most comfortable shoes ever! $24.00 WOAH! the price is perfect but, for some reason, I look short cuz it's too flat or maybe it was just my imagination cuz the first time I saw the dark brown shoes, It was love at first sight! but ok I'm torn between two lovers!

Question: did i purchase both? the answer is: NO. HAHAHAHAHA

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