Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another awesome day

Last week saturday, I found Cake lush but they're closed :( Then yesterday I came to
check it out assuming that they might be open and according to the schedule, they're open
 until 5pm so I did my best to get there before they close but when I got there, It's  closed
around 4:45... ahhhhh!

poor me hahah I was like a sad puppy yesterday, my fiance goes, "sorry babe" LOL but thankfully
today, I got there on time! WAAAH! Thanks to Ate Anna! she dropped me off over there! I opened
the door and I thought no one's around! but then i heard a voice and I SAW GREGGY! WAAAH! 

That was the most awesome excitement I've had so far hahahahaha I was blown away! It's really
GREGGY SORIANO! I'm such a massive fan of his gift! He makes fun and awesome cakes! and
oh POPS TOO! which I heart! And he scheduled me for tasting on may! I'm super EXCITED!

I asked greggy If i can take a picture of him. I never thought he's gonna be that sweet! oh man!
you all need to meet him if you're around jersey city! You will love his character! Oh sooo 
fun & professional at the same time! His shop is so lovely!

His pops made me hyper! I forgot to buy one! AHHHH! I will definitely come back to grab me some!
Look at the colors! I want to live there! hahahah I will come back to take more photos! and I will
blog every single of it! You have no idea! his shop is like a dream shop! It felt like I was in differnt
world! I'm 30 years old but hey it felt like I was back in my young days! 

Please check out his website at www.cakelush.com and also add him on facebook 

So before we went to the cake shop, me and ate Anna had lunch! It was her treat for me! So sweet of her!
We went to max to eat some awesome food! A MASSIVE SHOUT OUT TO ATE! THANKS SO MUCH!

Meet ate Anna! She's also my church mate! WAAAAH NILAGANG BAKA! soooo NOM NOM! 

DAING! so BIG! hahaha and it's so good! I remember i had a bad experience at max in the philippines!
THE FISH HAD A PIECE OF HAIR! YUCK! But thankfully, the max here in Newark avenue is so clean!
They have a great chef I can tell you that!



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