Friday, April 20, 2012

Sunny happy day

Oh hello there bloggers! what a day I had! whewsh! well these pictures are a little late. 
It was monday... my beautiful monday! I usually call it my lazy monday because
 I don't have work to do! But thankfully, this beautiful woman of God called me and made my day
 more exciting! We went out to get my wedding gown materials! aaaah! it was a sunny happy day!
 Not just for me but also for my fiance! Will tell you more about it as soon as you scroll down =D 

we went to this chinese restaurant.. OH MY! it was pretty descent! I enjoy the food so much! 
I was actually surprised because the nom noms are pretty pocket friendly! It was lunch & we 
got amazing deal! It was funny because I told uniris and her husband carlos that here in america
when you invite someone to eat, you don't pay for their food and in my country it's opposite! 
I shared to them my little funny story when I got invited to go  out with friends to eat. Uniris & 
Carlos are pretty cool people! I had so much fun hanging out with them! They paid for my lunch
which it made them more cooler! hahaha!! And what made them more RAD was when they paid
for my wedding gown materials & Uniris will make my gown for free!! I was so blessed! God is
 really helping me, He knows I'm really in a tough situation but God really knows what I need! I 
want to give a massive shout out to Uniris & Carlos for blessing me with lots of blessings! 
Thank you JESUS! You're so GOOD for my GOOD! WooOOO!

I didn't order the brown rice, I asked for white rice and they messed up LOL but it's all good!
they replaced it. I just didn't have the chance to snap a pic cause I was too hungry! 

 Oh what a glorious day! FLIP FLOPS FREEDOM DAY!!!

the city is a place for busy people! 


Oh how I love my tailor! she's really a sweet person! 

My wedding gown materials are in his hands! My heart was jumping when I was looking at those 
blue bags! I was a happy clappy jumpy woman! So pumped!

On our way back to jersey the beautiful city... It was exactly 3:40 and I thought about calling 
him because he works at jersey city hospital and I asked Uniris if we can pick him up because
he gets out at 4! I know it was too much to ask but I tried anyway haha that's how I love my 
nathanael! Uniris found it sweet ^_^ yay! I thought she's going to reject me haha So yea we 
picked him up and he looked exhausted! But it was his clappy day too! It was his first day at 
work! Another day and to thank GOD! ahhhhhh! SCREAMMMM!!!

Tuesday, My first day having dinner with my 2nd family! And what a fun day hanging out with
another bride Brenda! She's so beautiful in and out! 

So here I am flaunting my wedding plan book! hahaha

wooo! these shrimps are mad spicaaay!

After dinner, I get to plan with 2 more brides! we had a great meeting with tanya. She was sharing us
her awesome big wedding and giving us many ideas. 

so I had 3 wedding invitation designs and I rejected 2 cards already because I wasn't happy
with the quality. But ahhhh I'm thankful I get to finalized everything! It's coming on monday!

Here's Ginger, the bride number 2 and she's a little stress out about her wedding planning but 
I know it's going to be awesome.. we're all going to have the same wedding location and share
lots of stuff :)

Here's my little board showing/sharing them everything I did for the past few months. 

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