Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another awesome day part II

So earlier this afternoon, me, pastor anthony, his daughter brooklyn and his wife went to see our
flat to check out everything. But before that, I went back to the cake lush shop to see if Greggy
was there.. I wanted to show Tanya how awesome the shop really was. OH YES HE WAS STILL
THERE! haha But tanya was still busy looking at our flat so me and brooklynn went there
and I bought 4 pops to try it. OH IT WAS AN AWESOME TRY! IT WAS DELICIOUS!

Check out the part 1 here: http://joysaleraphotography.blogspot.com/2012/04/another-awesome-day.html

Greggy gave us a free pop corn to taste! It's so delicious! 

Oh what a lovely backyard we have! I can do a lot of photoshoot here! I had so much ideas
right away! Especially the brick wall are just breathtaking! I cannot wait to design this 
backyard and so as my fiance! He's so pumped to plant some vegetables and flowers! 

Here's our front yard and our living room... OH I CANNOT WAIT TO DESIGN THIS HOUSE!
The former tenant moved to florida and she left her curtains and I love them! I will definitely
keep them! ^_^ Oh the floor is a massive BONUS! THANK YOU GOD!

and look at our view... It's like being in a real movie! I've always dream to see it in real life!
So here we are! Look at my little adopted blonde pretty lassie brooklynn enjoying her tea!

So today, I taught Brooklynn how to set up my cam'ra... and she did a good job! She took great 

She has a pretty good eyes huh? ahhh i wish she'll get a cam'ra soon!  

Here's my babe, About to pay the apartment! WOOO HOOO!!!!! GOOD JOB BABE! I'M SO 

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