Sunday, September 30, 2012

Almost hello canon

Did I say I'm going to abandon nikon forever? No. Nikon is an amazing company. 
They make amazing dslr. It's just I've been wanting to upgrade to a full frame cam'ra and 
I made a long decision to switch. It wasn't easy of course! The main reason why I switched
is the budget. I wanted to upgrade to Nikon D600 because that's all I can afford but 
based on bad reviews, I back out! But maybe it's not a bad cam'ra. I bet it is great!
But it seems like there's so many options to choose. Well it's funny that recently canon
just announced about 6D. It says it's full frame. I bought mark ii for $1899. 
Too late? No. I don't regret it at all. 

Nikon, I didn't invest much. I'm not closing my door for nikon. Nothing is wrong
to have a little trial and error. But for now, I just want to enjoy my decision. 
Mark ii is 4 years old but who cares? It captures amazing photos. Besides, the 
glass can make a massive difference! I remember Christine Meintjes
 (she's from South Africa) Check out her blog about it...

She made a massive switched too! She used to be a canon 
user but then she switched to Nikon. I think I did the opposite haha

I'm not a nikon hater! I love it so much! Once I get more opportunities to 
make more money, I will definitely go back! Nikon is just really expensive. 
I kno I can purchase d700 too but then like i said, i wanted to try out something
different. Besides, they're both amazing! 

So tonight, I spent time with my nikon & enjoyed it! I mean... I only have Nikon D5000!
I switched to mr. legendary Canon! Imagine, I only make $1000 a month & I get to
sport Mr. Mark? woah! & I also invested faith on that! I've been having a conversation
with God for few months saying " LORD! I CAN DO THIS! YOU SAID ASK ANYTHING 

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