Tuesday, October 2, 2012


YAY! IT CAME YESTERDAY! I didn't post it because I was too busy learning how 
to operate it & been talking to friends asking for some tips and such! BUT YEA WOO HOO!
CAN I SAY... "welcome home boys!" ^_^ I'm a happy jumpy bee! Ok so It is 2am and wow!
I'm wide awake. Anyway.. please enjoy the rest of the pictures!

 First of I wanna say THANK YOUSS to all that got involved to make this prayer come true! 
I put so much faith on this & It felt so good when these goodies arrived!
 Thank you DADDY Jesus... You never disappoint me! aAnd of course,
TO MY LOVING BAH BAH! (my husband) Sorry for all the whining and the stress! Thank you for
supporting me! YEA I've been a little spoiled but I know you love me ehee hee =D 

& to my loving mama! Thank you for helping me too! I love you with all my heart! To Evan 
(my husband's brother) sorry that we bothered you! But thank you for your kindness! WOW
Non-stop blessings! Also to all my canon new family, EMILY, LORENZ & INDIANA BUDDY

NOTE: sorry about the logos.. the size changed.. I duno what happened.. but I'm too lazy to 
fix them haha will do good next time! ENJOY!

My gift from my bridal shower! haven't use it yet! it's so beautiful! 

No milk... My little snack haha Was trying to tone down my sugar but I can't! I almost pass out! But 
ahhh thank you cereal! lol

One of my collections... I love them haha they're so cute! 

I was tempted to take a quick snap of myself cause i was wondering if I can do it even if I was using
50mm and this is what i got! hahaha 

Yikes, I woke with so much rain! So I had an awesome adventure at my backyard!

NO! no tornado or storm! I had to knock them out because it filled with lots of water!

I'm not really good at nature shots but I'll be practicing more!

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