Wednesday, November 21, 2012

blogging wednesday

Hello beautiful/handsome viewers/bloggers! Just had another beautiful wednesday... But before
that, let me share to you about my little date with my handsome husband last night. I'm not sure if
 you all know but I'll tell you anyway.. I love love thai food and THAI ICED TEA! 

I had chicken with coconut soup! Ah! yummmmm!

My husband had traditional thai soup with beef ball & sliced beef! It is SOOO Heavenly delicious!

Rice, my energy ;) 

Last night, Tanya decorated her house with lots of Christmas decorations! So love love it! 
I get so excited every time they take out their Christmas decoration tubs from their 
storage every year! So this morning when I woke up, I took a quick snap! She's actually not 100 
percent done. But they look pretty already!

What made my day beautiful was I get to talk to my adorable nephew! I caught him watching cartoons! 
He's for months already and he's growing so fast! He loves talking & guess what? He talks a lot but 
very quiet at church. He only cries when he needs to nom nom. AHH we get to face time this morning!
On Dec. 9th, IT'S HIS BABY DEDICATION! I'm so excited! I'm decorating his invitations!

Today, I hang out at starbucks to wait for my husband. We're supposed to check out a flat but it was 
canceled :( I was so anxious to see it but the owner canceled it. But tomorrow, they scheduled us again!
Well, that's all for now! Hope you'll enjoy thanksgiving tomorrow!!!! HAPPY NOM NOM TO ALL!

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