Wednesday, June 5, 2013


It took me few weeks to post Jel & David's wedding because I wanted to learn more about their Testimony and I really took my time to make sure I'll do a good job telling you about the chapter of their lives. Their testimony amazed me. David has a Tumor and I believe he's at stage 4. The doctor already told them that his situation was very critical and he might rest soon. But before that.. let me tell you a little bit about how they've met. 

Jel told me that someone prophesied to her a long time ago that she's going to get married to a man that has gigantic faith. The first time david's mum attended their church, she saw Jel & she said God spoke to her that Jel is her son's future wife. David's parents asked David to attend church with them. It wasn't easy for them at first but he finally attended so that's how they've met. The first time she met david, she wasn't really attracted to him. But after a while, they became friends & of course they fell in love with each other & they got engaged! To make the story short, they found out about David's sickness. It was very emotional for all of them. But their wedding must go on. That's their faith and Jel didn't give up because she knew God is about to do something big. 

David wasn't able to talk and walk and sometimes he forgets Jel. But then one day... because of God's grace.... David was feeling a lot better and he was able to talk little by little and was able to remember things. They went back to the doctor and the doctor told him he's free from cancer! When I saw them during their wedding day, it put me to tears. 

David is still continuing his therapy and he's getting better and better. God is so good. Jel is such a strong woman and I really admire her faith and there's so much Joy, smile on her face when she visited me yesterday!


 The very first time I photographed a wedding with so much tears and I couldn't help it. It felt like I was watching a movie but to be honest, it was better than a movie. Seeing David's face was the most priceless expression I've ever seen so far. It was real & genuine.

Jel's emotion was completely opposite that day. She has this extreme excitement in her! The big smile, laugh.... it's just lovely. 

Oh what a sweet bridesmaid. She make sure she feeds him and her. I wish I had this person during my wedding day. It's just too sweet in my book and I love it. 

Even though I was exhausted, I still had fun especially with these kiddos! 

The FUN and the funniest part of the wedding was this one! Oh I can't forget how my stomach felt like abs was growing crazy because of too much laughs! But hey, this man was very respectful. He didn't push through! Ahahahah Oh what a night that night!  

Such a pleasure meeting this man! So humble! Also I want to thank my Dearest cool husband for all the help and support. You rawked my mohawk babe! I love you mucho! Til our next wedding this June hahahah woot woot! 

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