Friday, June 7, 2013

Olevia Maternity session

How I love that tuesday. The weather was amazing! Olevia is now 8 months pregnant. The first I've met her was at my friend's wedding. She came to me and asked my info with her sweet voice. She told me she's very shy in front of the cam'ra. The funny part was, she didn't let her husband look at her while taking pictures! Oh she did a great job following all the instructions and posing. She was easy to get along with.

This couple looks great together! And they're super sweet! 

I was giggling when I was taking picture of these little socks! So cute!


It was really beautiful outside! I love even the shadows. I think I'm the only photographer that is not afraid of sunlight shadows :)

This was the fun part of our session! I was laughing with them especially her husband. He was shaking his head the whole time!

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  1. Joy you are absolutely amazing. Arthur and I really enjoyed you as our photographer. Thank you soooo very much for capturing this special moment


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