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Hello readers, bloggers.... I woke up this morning and had an amazing breakfast. I love this portuguese custard tarts. It's so addicting. Anyway......

I started this blogging monday (sometimes i call it lazy monday) tuesday & wednesday since last year but I kind of messed up the purpose of the titles. These are supposed to be my plans for my readers to let them know about my blog recipes. Basically Monday is supposed to be more on my "thoughts of the day" and "what is like when it's monday" Then tuesday is more on what I do or what I did and special occasions. Somehow I mislead my viewers. In my head I thought I was doing it correctly. That's what happens when I'm not in my organizing world. No wonder why Christine Meintjes taught me how to get organize first. (me laughing out loud.) that's my biggest problem and I'm still working on it. But so far, I love how my external hard drive look like. Christine system helped me to get organize. Every folders have separate files as well. It's so much easier to find my pictures! I hope this will also give you ideas how to organize your files.

Now that I'm done explaining how i messed up (little laugh)... I wanted to share to you my husband's brother's visit yesterday! It was so much fun seeing this guy again! He was my husband's best man last year at our wedding! Oh speaking of our wedding... few more days and it will be our first year's anniversary! I'm super excited! (giggling) Yesterday we went out to have lunch together! I love seeing my husband happy being with his brothers and his sister ( another future bride of the year!) Their laughs and their silliness made them go back to their old days.

She asked me " Are you taking pictures of me?" and i replied "Yes"

Then she smiled. hahaha 

Jon lives in Portland, Oregon. This guy is such a great artist. He makes/designs hand made vase, cups including this one. This was his wedding gift for us. This is supposed to be for beers but I preferred to just display it as a decoration in my house.

I ordered/treated myself an Thai Iced tea, Basil Rice, Tamyun soup and Salmon Roll! So good! 

caught my husband contacting/dialing. Oh he wasn't aware until I started laughing. Oh my goodness! He needs a real cure for this one. (Crying out loud)

Abby and her fiance Raphael!

top (left) bottom (left) is Evan.

The beautiful future bride Abby!

After lunch, the rain stopped and Jon asked to take pictures outside! Oh how i love to see them laughing and smiling. I'm just really glad they had a blast with their brother Jon.

Their happy dance! 

I'm also glad to see Evan smiling!

Let me introduce to you again these beautiful people.
Nathan (with the blue sweater) Jon (black t-shirt) Abby (their only sister) and Evan (purple sweater)
This guy is just a happy guy and so silly! 

How I also love every time my husband opens the car door for me <3 p="">

Then we went to visit their uncle and spent time with them. 

After hanging out with their uncle, we dropped off Jon to pick up his luggage. Then we headed to the airpot.

The first day he visited us, He told us about the boots he sported from the mighty thrift store! This vintage leather cow boy boots is awesome! He used it for the wedding. Not our wedding but his friend's wedding.

Then it was time to say goodbye. These two are sweet to each other. I wish I had a brother too :( I love how he reminded my husband to take care of their younger brother. What a sweet brother. My husband is their older brother.

Their laugh continued. To Jon! Thanks for visiting us! HOPE YOU'LL VISIT US AGAIN! 

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