Friday, February 24, 2012

Home made

today... I woke up starving! so I treat myself. I went to pastor's kitchen
and checked his fridge. So I worked on what they have. Well so glad
they have eggs, butta & lemon juice! and you know what's awesome? 
I knew they're out of bread, before I came, I was thinking.. oh no! I need to 
buy me a bread! but as soon as I got to his kitchen, BOOM! the heavenly 
bread! so I got so excited! my hands my feet are moving so fast.. i was like
a machine.. My stomach was SCREAMING, "FOOD FOOD!" 
so I came up with making me my very own home made hollandaise sauce
with an egg on the top and 2 breads... wow, this really made my day! i cooked 
with excitements and I thought I was like mr. splash! This happens 
when someone is hungry. They will do anything and they move
fast in just 1 blink of an eye. PSSSSEEEWSH! i love that sound. That's 
the sound I was hearing while cooking lol 

My ingredients are : 2 egg yolks, salted butter, (it's supposed to be unsalted) but mr. 
fridge didn't have it Lemon juice (not the regular juice that you see at home)
 try to buy a fresh lemon. Salt & pepper, for decorations: Bay leaf & I toasted the bread
and cut the edges and the edges was very hard so I crushed it to put it on the top of the
 sauce... and of course I added a secret ingredient that cannot be revealed :D
But i have 1 secret ingredient I can definitely share.. and that is,
to cook happy :) Enjoy the rest of the pics! happy drooling!


  1. Hi, on 365 project, I am pandorasecho (Dixie Goode)
    I clicked on here through there. This looks yummy and Beautifully presented. That is not how I cook for myself when I am hungry, no thought to looks then, right out of the pan, standing up over the sink even.

    1. haha that's awesome! and hello there! welcome to my page! thank you for stopping by!


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