Thursday, February 23, 2012


whewsh! what a day! I cannot wait to have a kitchen where I can call it "my kitchenaire" 
let the stress begin! Wow I'm getting into this! cooking,baking,decorating. What 
is wrong with me? haha I guess I'm just too excited because I know I'm 
getting married soon and I just want to fill my future husband's stomach lol 

NO NO not good! of course we've talked about working out everyday! we're 
going to dance a lot and I will teach him some good steps! and yes! dancing
will help you lose all that calories! ha! and also i heard from this old grandma,
dancing will make your life super long! Get ready to drool! 

Sharing this awesome grandmum! GO GRANNY!

My purpose that day was just to decorate.. so i bought a 1 box of pound cake, eggs,
milk and buttah... i baked it then for decorations, I used melted candy, (chocolate)
meringue: egg white & sugar. I put the meringue on the top of the cupcake
then broil it, then I poured a little bit of powdered sugah and melted candy.

nothing is better than home made meringue... the ingredients are just simple
and it's really delicious! egg white, sugar & icing coloring! 

brooklynn (my awesome adopted american, blonde sister) hahah she's blonde but
smart! thanks to this awesome quesadilla! I decorated it to make it look
presentable... I served it with fancy stuff because my fiance eats good when
his stuff looks good lol ahh! he's really that fancy. 

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