Saturday, February 18, 2012

cupcakes & pops

everyday is a sweet day...
Oh hello there bloggers! just sharing my awesome goodies! and they're really attractive in
my tummy! This was my second attempt! the first was was horrible hahaha well i wasn't sure! 
because I didn't even taste it! We had youth fund raising and I donated pops and s'mores. 
Oh speaking of s'mores, I will blog it soon! 

Back to the fund raising, One of the church members, Minerva bought all the pops
 I made LOL One of her reason was, she didn't want to go to the bakery shop to buy 
goodies because she didn't have time! I was like WOAH!? A lot of church members are
 drooling that day because they wanted to try it so bad.. Well I asked Minerva about the pops.
 She said i put too much icing. But I accepted the critic because It was my first time and I 
didn't taste it anyway haha. I put cream cheese to form a ball & I put it in the freezer for 15-10 min
 then dip it in candy melt. Anyway, This second attempt, Thankfully, I bought a pops pan and 
it made everything easier! and all I did was dip everything in the candy melts! oh it was soooo ooohLicious! 

And YEAH! I had a bite! I tried not to but my tummy needs them really GOOD!
 (just had to replace the "really bad") ha! This time the layer isn't bad! it's not too sweet! 
I made different designs but luckily, shiloh.. Our pastor's son ate 5 pops.. he loves it!

so now meet my pretty cupcakes.  I didn't copy someone's design. I was actually 
experimenting and I pretty enjoyed it. I will consider these awesome nom-ies on 
my wedding day! I cannot wait...making & designing is such a painful work but 
combining the fun & time, it is all worth it, Try it yourself! Enjoy the rest of the pictures, 
happy DROOLING! ;)

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