Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy bright Tuesday

What an amazing happy tuesday! I had an awesome breakfast.. the fact that I woke up happy in spite of my bad dream. I've been dreaming a lot of very detailed dream lately and as much as I want to ignore it, I had to really brush it off and kick the devil's butt! I'm pissed off at him! YES I SAID THAT! I wanted to tell you about my dreams but it's very personal. It's about my life and I had to share it to someone that can give me a better interpretation. I remember Papa Albert from South Africa. He interpreted my dreams before and it makes so much sense. I am looking forward to share to him about my passed dreams! 

I miss that guy dearly! And so as his daughter Mariki! For some reason, these great people I know are from South Africa! My favorite photographer is from South Africa too! I cannot wait to meet her this April! She's coming to New York to do some workshop! I'm so anxious about it. Meeting her is part of my 2013 declaration! It has to happen! I know God will help me to make it happen! 

Let me share a little bit about my coffee. I want to spill this to everybody. I'm not a caffeine woman :( So sad to say I'm not allowed to drink coffee that has caffeine in it. So yea, I'm drinking decaf. Well you know it's not that bad! I still miss drinking coffee that has a lot of caffeine! It wakes me up like a chipmunk! I drink hot chocolate which it has a lot of caffeine too! But I don't drink it as much as a cup of coffee a day. Actually not everyday. I'm tying to moderate it.

HA! Let me tell you about this laughing cow cheese! It's sooooooo good, the fact that it is light! But my oh my oh my! Oh yes I'm controlling my craves for cheese. I only eat 1 bar every other day.

So so sooooo love this King's hawaiian bread. It's sweet and mmmyum to nom nom! Thanks to my dearest loving husband. He buys me these bread a lot! hahah To close this out, I hope your tuesday is as bright as mine! have a happy clappy day! muahs!!!!

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