Friday, March 29, 2013

Good day with friends

I had so much fun today hanging out with my two dear friends and future client Jel.. I'm so excited to photograph her wedding! And to witness her beautiful testimony!

This bride has a beautiful smile! soooo beautiful! I love these girls!

Awww my bridesmaid! Roxy!! I was trying to catch this moment.. sorry for the bad angle haha she's so silly! She was getting conscious. She said she's not use to model for people ahaha so funny. I told her, I'll make her comfortable and will tell her the posing and facial expression and here she is =D

When we were eating at Babos.. I asked if I can take some few snaps of them. I literally asked if they are willing to model for me that time haha Roxanne panicked  lol She goes "I'm not a model and I get too conscious" I told her, once she's in front of my camera, she will never feel that way. That's what I always tell my clients/models. I help them how to pose, and I always praise their beauty! Not because I have to but I can always find their beauty and make sure I mention it.

Oh yes we had fun! 

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