Friday, March 1, 2013

iCapture love: Mum & Son

I had an awesome session last week with Quanea & her adorable silly son! Thanks to my cool husband for helping me to make this session happen. Yes, he was my assistant. Poor husband :( YES I USED FLASH! It is cause I didn't have enough natural light in our flat... ah so sad! Also because of this one big reason.....Taking photos of a little boy or let's say in general, little kids move a lot so I had to catch their awesome speedy actions as quick as possible. Oh it was really challenging! But hey, when you want to eat, you need to sweat a little bit, Yah? 

So after the long editing.. actually I'm still not done editing because I got so much job in line.. ahhh! finally I get a chance to blog again.. whewsh.. Right now I'm using my husband's laptop cause mine is already in coma lol My macbook pro is only i think 2 years old and now it's acting like it's 5000 years old. 

Anyway, back to these photos.. I chose my favorite shots! ENJOY! Happy slappy clappy viewing! 

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