Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Love in Paris

Since I was in grade school, besides dreaming about living in the united states of america, my heart has been wanting to touch the paris love... Speaking of paris, up until now.. I'm still looking forward to own this movie RATATOUILLE!!!

It's so crazy! And this movie made Paris looks so amazing! haha I'm so in love! My heart beats really fast with so much excitements every time I hear the word Paris. Then at the same time, this movie makes me happy!

Earlier today.. I had a spare time to snap 2 photos. By the way I ordered this little tower straight from hongkong! YES! I know I'm crazy! I bought it when I ordered goodies there. It took 1 month before they delivered it to me.. Eh, it's a LOoooong story!

Hopefully One day... me and my husband will travel and visit Paris and I know I'll get a chance to capture the beauty of Paris. I'm really excited! Nothing is impossible. I'm a believer. I dream SUPER BIG! I hope you do too!!! 

Anyway... I got more work to do so hopefully I'll get write share/blog my arts soon! As you can tell, I'm soooo messy right now :(

BUT... I wanna end this blog with this amazing song i love! 

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